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ACDC and CBGeezus

It’s time to feel like a rockstar!

For those about to rock in this new year, it’s time to feel like a rockstar with the terpene and cannabinoid-rich infusion of ACDC from Heylo.

While many rockstars are associated with hard drugs, the true secret to being a success is feeling good – and that’s exactly what the CBD and CBG cartridges from Heylo are here for. And with the new year officially upon us, with it comes a fresh opportunity to try alternative cannabinoid blends which provide more than just a buzz … delivering wellness with each tasty puff of CO2 vapor.

While the weed world is dominated by high-THC options that will melt your face off, Cannabis provides a ton of benefits as a health additive – especially with alternative cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. Check out “Beyond THC” for our alternative cannabinoids roundup in this issue for more info on these wonderful compounds. 

The ACDC oil is rich and full of terpenes and relaxing CBD that’s dialed in for the end of the day, or a fun way to start off in the morning without getting too stoned. The thick vapor tastes like kushy cherries with a hint of earthy dankness, which goes great with a latte to get the mind in a happy place. The entourage effect of CBD with low THC and a kiss of CBC makes the mind feel lighter – reducing anxiety and stressful thoughts, putting consciousness in the moment with a perfect buzz for any situation.

Puffing on the CBGeezus might sound scary to our religious friends, but there’s no sacrilege with this concentrate. The deep orange CO2 oil has a wonderful blend of cannabinoids, with enough THC for a buzz, and a ton of CBG to elevate the mood and provide a host of benefits. Hitting the cartridge delivers a gooey vapor that coats the palate with a tasty blend of lemons and berries, finishing with a kushy-pine exhale. 

Each toke fills the body like a hot air balloon slowly inflating, sending the mind and body off on a floaty and giggly adventure that’s great during the day. With just the right amount of THC to keep you stoned, look to the alternative cannabinoid options from Heylo as you explore health and wellness with your vapor choices in 2023!


ACDC 7.4% THC | 50% CBD | 1.5% CBC | 10% Terpenes

CBGeezus 17% THC | 41% CBG | 2.6% CBC | 8% Terpenes

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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