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Author: Wes Abney

Shop Review: Cedar Greens

Cedar Greens is the only retailer in the state to maintain a pharmacist and medical Cannabis consultant on staff.

Washington Flower Reviews

The top Cannabis varieties in the Northwest.

Shop Review: A Greener Today

“We care about keeping the culture going and offering a big hash selection.”

Grow Tour: Sky High Gardens

“If we weren’t inherently passionate about the plant, the chorus of details we pay attention to would be neglected.”

Off the Shelf: Flavored Vapes

These five flavored vapes selected by the Washington Leaf staff remind us all of the power of the pen!

Shop Review: The Kushery

Whatever your reason is for buying Cannabis, their highly curated selection will have you covered.

Crafted By Hand, Grown With Passion at Lifted

“We put a heavy focus on flower because that trickles into all the other products.”

Stoner Owner: Matthew Friedlander

When you provide a product that helps someone live a healthier life free from pain – then you have a customer for life.

Get to Know Jenn Doe

Even before I knew Cannabis was medicinal, I knew it was doing something positive.

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Don't miss the Leaf's annual holiday gift guide!

2023 Washington Edibles Special

The state's top THC-infused treats from our annual special.

2023 Alaska Edibles Special: Secret Garden Gummies

With a classic O-shape and a light frosting of sugar the Garden Gummies are a simple & tasty way to get an edible buzz.

2023 Alaska Edibles Special: GOOD Gummies

The 2:1:1 blend includes THC, CBD and CBN, which fully engages your endocannabinoid system for maximum effects.

2023 Alaska Edibles Special: Lady Gray

From the innovative drinks to their new gummy lineup, there's an edible for everyone on this menu.

2023 Alaska Edibles Special: Tundra Brewing Beverages

The potent effects delivered from the fast-acting nano emulsification made happy hour seem more like a full-day buzz.

History of the Leaf

I have seen children live healthy lives because their parents defied laws and big pharma to give their children a plant.

Inside the Craft Co-Op

Our ancestors did these different things... farming for thousands of years without tractors or synthetics or pesticides.

Harvest Special: Painted Rooster & Sungaze

Microbiology doesn't stop, that's why everyone wears gloves during harvest … we’ve got to treat it right.

Harvest Special: Legacy Organics

We add rogue beetles into the canopy and that lets the plant know there’s life around it, which creates more terpenes.

Harvest Special: Bonah-Fide

This is small hand-craft Cannabis, grown by hand, and it’s not meant to be everywhere commercially.

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