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2023 Washington Edibles Special

The state's top THC-infused treats from our annual special.

Photo by Daniel Berman

4.20 Bar by Evergreen Herbal & Gold Leaf
Milk Chocolate & S’mores

Photo by Daniel Berman

Indulge yourself with a gourmet chocolate blend that’s infused with full spectrum rosin for an edible experience that’s worthy of a moment alone.

Certain edibles aren’t for sharing and these S’mores are at the top of the list. Rich and marshmallowy and extremely delicious, these chocolates light up the palate before filling the mind and body with an intensely euphoric high. Infused with rosin from Gold Leaf, this collaboration with Evergreen Herbal is one of our favorites. Just remember to get two packs if you intend to share … the first will be gone before you know it!

10mg THC per piece | 100mg per package

Second Nature Infused Margarita

Photo by Daniel Berman

Sweet and spicy with a perfect kick of Cannabis, Second Nature is the ideal way to embrace a sober January and still enjoy the lime and agave flavor of a top shelf margarita.

Stoners love to replace alcohol with weed, and this Mexican agave, lime and  jalapeno margarita would fit right in at any taco spot. It’s easy drinking, tastes authentic – and we couldn’t get enough of the spicy tingle from the jalapeno. With 10mg THC per can, it’s a perfect intro to edibles – or the first of many rounds for a high tolerance user!

10mg per can

Vertus Cannabis Bubbly


Pop a bottle this New Year and catch a buzz that will have you feeling fresh and rested the next day with Vertus – an infused Cannabis champagne drink.

Nothing says celebration like bubbles in a tall glass. And for those who want to skip the booze this year, Vertus is the perennial favorite to infuse your evening fun. With 100mg per bottle, you can drink it all yourself … or toast and share with a room full of friends.

100mg THC per bottle


Photo by Daniel Berman

Pop a can of Sungaze and embrace the feeling of summer fun, even if it’s cold and dark out here in the PNW winter.

Sungaze is our favorite low-dose drinkable because they taste like a stoner version of a fruity beer, are made using the same standards and equipment as traditional craft brew, and the buzz is powered by sungrown Cannabis! For a full profile and interview on the intention behind Sungaze and Painted Rooster, as well as their sungrown garden, check out the NW Leaf November Harvest Issue online at leafmagazines.com.

2.5mg THC | 5mg CBD 

Bubble Hash Infused Drink

Photo by Daniel Berman

Proof that great things come in small packages, these shorty-style drinks fit in the hand easily and hit hard with the infusion of bubble hash from Soulshine Cannabis.

Nostalgia is a real motivator in the Cannabis space, and somehow these cute and nicely packaged drinks remind us of a Capri Sun on a sunny playground. They’re tasty and refreshing, have strain-specific effects, and are small enough that chugging one and hitting the monkey bars is easy peasy – except for the swinging part!

100mg THC

Ray’s Lemonade 
Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade

Photo by Daniel Berman

With the slogan “Liquid Sunshine,” Ray’s Lemonade has set the standard for drinkables in Washington and California – where their full size and mini shooters are consistently tasty and always hit hard.

Ray’s was one of the first companies to create a Cannabis infused drink in Washington, and their lemonades have been popular ever since. We love the twist on a classic with the Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade, which is slightly sour and perfectly sweet with a tropical, fruity swirl that is hard to put down. Perfect to drink alone or use as a mixer to make a big batch of infused lemonade, Ray’s is the go-to when it comes to stoney drinks.

100mg THC per bottle

Lil Ray’s Lemonades

Photo by Daniel Berman

The first high potency Cannabis shooter is still leading the charge with easy to drink, discrete and powerful blends that will deliver a hit of sunshine capable of driving out the winter blues.

Shooters are always a fun thing to have on the go, and with Lil Ray’s, you can up your experience with these 100mg shots of delicious infused lemonade. With multiple yummy flavors including Mango, Kiwi Strawberry, Dragon Fruit and our favorite Raspberry (mix with Sprite for a twist), you can’t go wrong. With 100mg THC in each little bottle, you can gulp it down for a super-high moment, or add it to a beverage for a sip and savor experience. Just remember to grab a few for friends!

100mg THC per mini bottle

Mary Jones Cannabis Infused Soda
Green Apple, Berry Lemonade, Root Beer and Orange & Cream

Photo by Daniel Berman

A true Seattle success story and icon, Jones Soda has emerged as one of the leading mainstream cultural soda companies in America – and now they’ve doubled down with delicious infused versions of their classic flavors.

Jones Soda became hugely popular in my teenage years, known for their unique flavors and bottles that featured user submitted photos that rotated during production. You never knew what version of a bottle you might get and some lucky people even had their photo featured! Today, Mary Jones continues that legacy – but with a reflective mirror on the can instead of a photo, so the stoner can gaze on their own hazy reflection as they try not to chug these delicious drinks.

Mary Jones is a soda company first and that’s evident in their flavor and mouthfeel. The soda is perfectly carbonated and has a dialed-in thickness and consistency. First sips are like a true soda shop experience – cascading with a rush of flavors ranging from the subtly-sweet Berry Lemonade to the tastiest Orange & Cream creamsicle soda we’ve ever had. The Root Beer is perfect for making an infused float, but above all the Green Apple is our favorite. It was the first Jones Soda this writer ever tried (uninfused) and this new, adults-only version is even better. So if you’re feeling nostalgic this holiday season, take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane with a new age twist via this heady, Seattle-based collaboration. 

10mg or 100mg version cans

Constellation Cannabis 
Pineapple Gravity Gummies

Photo by Daniel Berman

Gravity Gummies continue to innovate and deliver tasty, solventless hash-infused gummies – and their new tropical-flavored CBG blend is a true mood elevator capable of taking on the PNW winter.

Constellation Cannabis is a top-shelf hash company known for their strain-specific rosin that we’ve featured many times, so we knew their Gravity Gummies would be fire when they launched a few years ago. Their newest addition to this lineup – the Pineapple CBG version – brings a taste of paradise and a happy high that’s a mental vacation in a bag. Each little chewy, sugared gummy has a bright and fresh pineapple burst with a perfect hashy kiss that reminds you of the powerful buzz in each bite. CBG is known for euphoria and relaxed, happy highs, and we loved this new blend that got us in the mood for both the gym and work … with just a few magical pieces of tropical fun.

CBG 1:1:1 10mg THC, CBD & CBG per piece

Moonshots by Constellation Cannabis
Pineapple, Peach Mango, Grape, Green Apple & Blue Raspberry

Photo by Daniel Berman

Shoot for the moon … and if you miss, your head will still be in the stars with the Moonshots by Constellation Cannabis.

Infused with solventless hash that’s known for sending people on trips, these new shots are fun and fruity ways to get a buzz on quickly. With fruity flavors like Pineapple or Peach Mango, they’re great to add to an energy drink – and we loved mixing the Blue Raspberry with a sugar-free Red Bull for our own infused mocktail experience. The Green Apple, with its slightly sour and heady flavor, is great for adding to cocktail recipes like a Crownberry Apple, and we sipped the Grape with Sprite to get our lean on in a healthy way. No matter the occasion here on Planet Earth, getting faded in cosmic style with the new shooter lineup from Constellation Cannabis makes for heavenly vibes.

100mg THC per mini bottle

Agro Couture Shooters
Cream Soda, Eggnog, Caramel Apple, Root Beer Float, Blue Raspberry, Orange Vanilla Float and Country Lemonade

Photo by Daniel Berman

Agro Couture and Slab Mechanix have delivered a unique flavor lineup to the shooter drink department and are killing it with unique flavors like Eggnog and Caramel Apple – cranking the holiday cheer to new levels of high.

The holidays bring a lot of stress, so it’s important to relax and sip on the eggnog when it’s offered – especially if it’s infused with a shooter or two from Agro Couture. While it might sound funny, it’s delicious (especially our personal favorite, the Caramel Apple). It tastes like a liquid version of those green, caramel-covered lollipops – but smacks hard with a heady and heavy 100mg buzz. With sugar-free options like Blue Raspberry or Country Lemonade, these are the only products on the market without the calories or glucose rush, which is great for those with health restriction or on limited diets. Pro-tip: Take the Cream Soda or Root Beer Float, and mix them with an off-the-shelf version for a discrete and potent twist!

100mg THC per bottle

Agro Couture Gummies

Photo by Daniel Berman

Don’t let the sour grapes fool you … these new gummies from Agro Couture are the perfect way to get in the mood for your New Year adventures.

Agro Couture is known for high potency edibles, and these new gummies do not disappoint. We loved the Sour Grape for its soft, chewy mouthfeel and a sugared, sour, mouth-puckering hit of grapey goodness. For those less enamored with sour power, the Peach tasted like a fresh slice of ripe fruit, and the Rainbow brought a bunch of flavors together in a perfect grab-and-go pack. No matter the flavor, you’ll savor the high from these potent gummies by Agro Couture!

10mg per piece | 100mg per package

Good Tide Solventless Gummies
By Wyld

Photo by Daniel Berman

Wyld is one of the largest gummy companies in the world for a reason, and they’ve enhanced their lineup of high quality and consistent offerings with a new, solventless hash-infused brand called Good Tide.

It’s always a good time when edibles are made with solventless hash, and these tropical-fruit flavored gummies do not disappoint. Infused with strain-specific hash and real fruit, these gummies are soft, pillowy and potent. Our favorite was the Mango infused with Ice Cream Cake, which had a gentle flavor and an easy mouthfeel and melt – delivering a potent hash buzz that had us rolling in the flow like a boat at high tide.

10mg THC per serving | 100mg per package

Pioneer Squares Dank Chews
Dark Chocolate Peppermint


Just in time for the holidays, we find this candy cane-themed chew from heritage edible company Pioneer Squares.

An early company in the recreational Cannabis scene, Pioneer Squares has been making quality edibles for years – and their newest seasonal, Dank Chews, hit a high mark this holiday season. Made like a Tootsie Roll with crunched up pieces of peppermint on top, each bite has a chewy and crunchy texture that’s fun and festive. With a happy 1:1 dose in each, this is the perfect treat to share with a grumpy family member this holiday, or to get relaxed with ahead of the present wrapping countdown!

1:1 10mg THC & CBD

Khush Kush
Haystacks, Marsh-Mellow Squares & Pot Tarts

Photo by Daniel Berman

With infused twists on stoner classics, the team at Khush Kush continues to kill it with their edible selection.

What could be more fun than an infused Pot Tart? Two, of course! Hand baked with love and quality ingredients and infused with 10mg THC per piece, these Strawberry pastries are a lovely way to start any day. With classic treats like the Marsh-Mellow Squares and the coconut-forward Haystacks, you can’t go wrong combining a heady buzz with edibles that are already worthy of eating uninfused. Look for these edibles and more from the family-run operation at Khush Kush!

10mg per serving

June’s Edibles
Chipotle BBQ Pretzels
Blood Orange & Sour Watermelon Fruit Jellies

Embrace the savory side of edibles with June’s infused pretzels that go perfect in a snack mix, or on their own for a fresh twist on a classic.

The perfect blend of spice and BBQ flavor, these pretzels are too good to put down. With multiple flavors including Nacho Cheese and Jalapeno Ranch, you can eat these as a snack, with a meal, or throw a box or two into a bigger snack mix to add some stoney zest to your next sportsball party. If you’re more of a gummy guy or gal, look no further than the soft and decadently sweet Blood Orange and Sour Watermelon Fruit Jellies, which also come in 1:1 and 30:1 versions!

10mg THC per serving, 100mg THC per package

Binske Soft Lozenges
Strawberry Guava, Tangerine and Mango

Photo by Daniel Berman

Binske is a beautiful brand with metal tin packaging that’s covered in whimsical art and full of tasty, cannabinoid-specific blends that carry a vibrant buzz.

Sleep can be hard this time of year, and that’s when we turn to CBN gummies like the 2:1:1 Strawberry Guava version. These gummies are so delicious that it’s hard to eat just one of the tropical fruity chews, even though one is all it takes to send us off to dreamland. We also loved the 1:1 Tangerine lozenges, which have a soft, easy-chewing consistency and a bright rush of citrus and Tangie flavor that engages the senses before the combo of THC and CBD slows things down, easing pain and anxiety while imparting a happy buzz. For those who just want the THC, the Mango and Lemon Lime mixed pack delivers. We recommend trying both flavors at once for a citrus smackdown!

Strawberry Guava 2:1:1 | 10 mg THC | 5mg CBD & CBN per serving
Tangerine 1:1 | 10mg THC & CBD per serving
Mango | 10mg THC per serving

OLA Infused Oils by Flower Farma

Photo by Daniel Berman

Ignite your next culinary experience with the new lineup of infused cooking and finishing oils from OLA, where you can choose your own adventure and add THC to your favorite meal – home-cooked or take-out!

Powered by the team at Skagit Organics who are known for their RSO and full spectrum concentrates, the new lineup of OLA Oils is potent and ready for kitchen experiments. Now available in full-size bottles or in handy 20mg-sized packs with twist lids, you can easily infuse any meal with a quick drizzle, float or toss. We had a lovely wild caught salmon dinner using the ‘Savor’ Sesame Ginger to infuse the fish right as it finished, and tossed our mandarin orange salad with a splash of the ‘Bright’ Orange Cardamom for a floaty and heady dinner experience.

We especially enjoyed the ‘Savor’ blend with 1:1:1 THC, CBG and CBD, which had us feeling giggly and happy throughout the evening. The ‘Olive’ oil is perfect for any cooking that involves oil, and we were surprised that a float of the ‘Toast’ Vanilla Walnut added complexity to a morning coffee, as well as a great buzz. For anyone who loves to cook and infuse their food, the OLA Oils lineup is a must-have for the New Year!

‘Savor’ Sesame Ginger 1:1:1 | 100mg THC, CBD & CBG
‘Toast’ Vanilla Walnut | 100mg THC
‘Olive’ First Pour | 100mg THC
‘Bright’ Orange Cardamom | 100mg THC
(Also available in 20mg packages)

Mobius Tropical Punch, Mango & Strawberry

Photo by Daniel Berman

Known for tasty drinks and the only consistent and high-end transdermal patches on the market, Mobius continues to crush it with their high-potency beverage lineup.

Sipping on a fresh cracked Mobius delivers a refreshing mouthfeel and sports drink-meets-juice experience that makes them hard to put down. With fresh fruity flavors like the Tropical Punch, Mango or Strawberry, you get a sweet drink that is perfect when chilled and goes down easy. The 100mg 1:1 drinks pack an extra powerful punch, and are perfect for drinking solo, or mixing in a mocktail/cocktail recipe to spice up the New Year. Combined with the Mobius Dab Patch, you’ll find an edible buzz that’s unlike any other!

100mg THC | 1:1 100mg THC & CBD

Hellavated Sourz
Rippin Razz & Wicked Watermelon

Photo by Daniel Berman

Embrace your inner child and head for the sweet and extra sour hit of Cannabis goodness from Hellavated.

Sour candies hit hard, and when we were kids, proving that you could handle the rush of a Warhead or Sour Patch Kid was part of earning street cred. Luckily we’re all grown up, but we still like to reminisce and indulge in a mouth-puckering sour candy for a real adult rush. Hellavated kills it with their sugared squares of sour power, with a melon-forward then sour-ripe Wicked Watermelon that hits the palate hard, or the sweeter-then-meaner Rippin Razz that’s fruity, tangy and oh-so tart. With a full lineup of sour and sweet candies and flavored vape cartridges, Hellavated is the go-to when looking for a flavor adventure!

10mg THC per serving | 100mg per package

Wave Edibles
Peanut Butter Swirl, Simply Caramel Apple, Blood Orange Poppers

Photo by Daniel Berman

Chocolate and Cannabis go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and luckily for us Wave Edibles has combined all three for a deliciously infused bite.

If you don’t like peanut butter, we don’t mind – it leaves more for us! These nutty bites of layered chocolate have a decadent, rich flavor and melt away fast, leaving the tummy grumbling for more. We also loved the Blood Orange Chocolate Poppers, which had a bright citrus tingle that reminded us of stockings before Christmas with the foil-wrapped chocolate oranges inside. Finishing with a real caramel and green apple finish, we felt like spoiled kids who got into the candy stash after trying these – but with an adults-only buzz that’s perfect for the holidays.

10mg THC per serving | 100mg THC per package


Photo by Daniel Berman

Embrace the wild side with the OGs of gummies, whose high standards for handcrafted and twice-sugared gummies have led the way for good times and restful nights.

Started in Oregon in the founder’s garage, Wyld has gone from an early medical project in 2016 to a world-renowned gummy brand in less than a decade. With options infused with THC, or CBD-only available around the country, Wyld is a consistent experience that you can count on every time. We first fell in love with their Elderberry, a 2:1 10mg THC 5mg CBN gummy that’s always in demand as a healthy sleep aid. So we couldn’t wait to try the Blood Orange 1:1 with CBC, a minor cannabinoid that may be up to 10 times more effective for pain, anxiety and inflammation.

Sativa enhanced with botanical terpenes, the Blood Orange was soft and finished smooth with a bright citrus rush and sour grapefruit finish – plus a nimble effect that was relaxing and left the body feeling loose and ready for action, or to happily invade the couch. We also relished the gentle kiss of fresh fruit in the 1:1 CBD and THC Peach version that’s perfect for chilling, or adventuring out into the wild this winter!

Blood Orange | 1:1 THC & CBC
Peach | 2:1 CBD & THC
Elderberry | 2:1 THC & CBN


Photo by Daniel Berman

Find your perfect Ratio of cannabinoids in this new infused drinkable line that’s sweet and intentional with each flavor and buzz.

Sleep is something many Americans struggle with, which is why we start by focusing on the Grape Dream drink. Much tastier than an over-the-counter nighttime syrup, this drink delivers a great dose of CBN, CBD and THC that can be one serving, or several depending on tolerance. Easily resealed and kept in the fridge, you can measure out your buzz or slam it all down (like we did) with the bright-citrus and red-berry finish of the Raspberry Lemonade. With a dialed-in flavor and a lovely 50mg 1:1 buzz, we found our high to be heavy but manageable – but had to save the 100mg options for weekends to ensure we weren’t too baked for daily life.

Grape Dream 2:1:1 | 50mg THC | 25mg CBN & CBD
Island Punch & Strawberry Burst | 100mg THC
Raspberry Lemonade 1:1 | 50mg THC & CBD

Photos by @bermanphotos

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