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Dispensary Spotlight: Clear Choice in Bremerton, WA

The story of how this Bremerton location came together is one of serendipity.

2021 Washington Concentrates: CO2

We round up some of Washington's best CO2 Cannabis oil cartridges, made with THC, terpenes, and no fossil fuel solvents

2021 Washington Concentrates: Cartridges

They're discreet, they're tasty, and they're full of terpenes and THC- here are Washington's Cannabis oil cartridges

Opinion: Synthetic Cannabinoids

We are standing at a crossroads in the evolution of our market that could lead to a future without marijuana farmers.

Yes, You Have to Grow Hemp Properly

If you’re going to grow hemp, you need to know it’s a new market with sometimes unique ways of doing business.

Ganja Goddess’ Ganja Loving Bibliophile

I feel it’s important as a leader, especially in a small business environment.

Shop Review: High End Marketplace

Flavor, frost and funk – these are the three criteria for products to appear on this dispensary's exclusive shelves.

Hemp Primer 101

This helpful explainer should provide the information you need to discuss hemp using the correct terminology.

Happy Trees in Washington

The fun and arcane atmosphere is immediately evident when you’re greeted by a stoned, wooden viking in the foyer.

Joint Rivers’ Outdoorsy Budtender

This activist turned budtender once walked from Seattle to Oakland.

Hemp And Pot Are On A Collision Course

However, the conflict isn’t between hemp and Cannabis plants, but between Cannabis farmers and hemp farmers.

Jessica Dickens Is Living the Dream as Budtender at The Green Shelf

After four years on the job as a budtender at The Green Shelf, Jessica still loves working in the cannabis industry.

Washington’s Cannabis Caretaker

"I see myself getting a diploma in botany to work my way into production."

Spokane’s Designing Budtender

"Cannabis turns a frown into a smile."

Bodhi High Wants to Awaken Your Senses

"Sustainable growing is the name of their game – producing beautiful, fully sungrown flowers."

Welcome to the Smoke House

Spokane has an exciting new addition for the collectors of fine functional glass.