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The Hemp Ship Will Right Itself…Eventually

The chaos in the market is a good thing. It means the hemp market is maturing.

The Bake Shop’s Loni Tiliano

"I just take a little hit off my little vape cart and I feel confident."

Washington’s Smokane

The wide-open floor plan works with a circular flow that beckons you to browse.

Top Shelf’s Brandon Poole

I’m really nice and cuddly underneath it all.

Yakima Weed Co.

The mantra for bringing in the best Cannabis is simple: Would you pay for it yourself?

When Color Matters

Focusing on THC or CBD alone doesn't evoke an entourage effect.

Othello’s Touch of Pixie Dust

"You take care of the plants, and the plants take care of you.”

Common Roots is a Labor of Love

"We’ve got a great team working together to make this a fluid operation."

Washington’s Buddy Boy Farm

"It’s that 1% where you’ll find the difference maker, the sweet spot,"

The “FedEx” of Cannabis in Washington

We were really thinking about how we could help farmers out, particularly the small farmers.

Washington’s The Kushery Sticks to its Roots

"This new store will be a location where the employees will be able to make a good living."

Why is Hemp in a Pot Mag?

Hemp is, without a doubt, our absolute best tool to unravel the damage we’ve done to the earth.

Cascade Kropz’s Terrian McNeill

"There are so many things we are learning about fungi."

In Memoriam: Miguel Gonzales

Miguel was incredibly smart, emotionally intelligent, and a master of appreciating the positives of this life.

Cannabis City’s SoDo Swagger

This is an urban weed loft, replete with the ambiance of the city’s train rails in the distance.

Washington’s West Coast Wellness

There’s an entire wall devoted to medicinal products, with everything across the entire spectrum to make you feel alive!

Is Hot Enough For You?

It’s hot enough already. Hemp is here to help. Hemp can and must save the planet.

Salish Coast Cannabis’ Anne Robinson

I like to hit my vapey, that’s the secret to really winning.

Community Voices: Neil Lequia

We need to make sure we are allocating and distributing licenses to minorities as they become available.

Tacoma’s Emerald Leaves

Always looking to support local artists, the reach goes beyond what is expected from a Cannabis retailer.