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Budtender of the Month: Isaiah Steele from Sticky’s Pot Shop

Our Budtender of the Month strives to be the example that turns people’s day around.

Beating The Odds: Vibe Cannabis Co.

The experience you can expect at Vibe is one of a high level. The knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions.

A Meme Moment: An Interview with Boof Confit

Memes can really be used to educate the public in a funny way. And I love to do this, particularly with hash and BHO.

Budtender of the Month: Caleb Bunce

I'm huge into vaporization. I've had a Volcano for almost a decade now and I don't see myself ever going back honestly.

High Eats: Toasted & Tasty Cheba Hut

Being so stoned I was unable to decide on just one item so I picked one sandwich from each of the three categories!

Shop Review: Prospector’s Paradise, The Green Nugget

“We’ve only been here a year, and are already known for our friendly, goofy, family-like atmosphere."

Leaf Glass Special 2023: Andrew Chanski Forging the Link

"If someone sees a glass chain at a sesh or on Instagram, I want them to ask, ‘Is that a Chanski chain?’"

Leaf Glass Special 2023: Northwest Glass Roundup

They use their platform to promote glass artists who make high-functioning pieces that aren't going to break the bank.

Budtender of the Month: The Aptly Named Riley Sessions

I felt like Nike had done a disservice by not dropping any good pink Jordans. So I decided to start making my own!

Coffee & Cannabis: K Savage Lilac Wine Flower x Ghost Note Coffee

A funky, floral flavor profile complements the orange blossom honey and grapefruit aromatics in the coffee.

Connoisseur’s Corner: Solventless Rosin Cartridges

With a zesty aroma and uplifting effects, this strain is made for on-the-go puffs between tasks on your to-do list.

Budtender of the Month – Mahia Sarden

My personal smoke stash always consists of heavy indica strains with cookie terps, like a Wedding Cake or Gelato.

Connoisseur’s Corner – Elevated Eighths

No matter how you toke up, if you love terps and top-shelf flower, check out these picks for elevated eighths!

Off the Shelf – Priced Right Prerolls

These prerolls offer all of the convenience, with none of the trim or shake.

Flower First at Freddy’s Fuego

Freddy’s isn’t here to do something new and different – we’re here to carry the torch from the underground.

Shop Review – Tokeland Cannabis

This integral part of the local culture where natural elements connect with the earth, creates a beloved Cannabis utopia

Budtender Jackson Keahikama’ehu from Apex Cannabis

I’m mainly a flower person but like concentrates as well. Really, I just like trying anything new we get into the shop!

Connoisseur’s Corner – Solventless Hash Rosin

Check out our top shelf recommendations for the finest solventless hash rosin around.

Cannabis in Culture – Highlighting Washington Artists

Cannabis is playing a major role in mainstream culture as pot’s prominence continues to rise.

Shop Review – The Herbery

The atmosphere is bustling with budtenders who obviously love their job and the people they work with and for.

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