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New York State Legalizes Cannabis for Adult Use!

After lengthy negotiations between legislators and the governor, New York becomes the 15th state to legalize marijuana.

Interview with Medicine Man Eddie Funxta

“I was blown away – I felt like a curtain had been pulled back on my reality.”

Integrative Healing with Ketamine Therapy

For the past two years, Dr. Kramer and his team have conducted hundreds of Ketamine infusions.

Dania Cabello: Ojo De La Sol

Dania Cabello brings her experience as a professional athlete to her role as a Cannabis healer.

Hemp And Pot Are On A Collision Course

However, the conflict isn’t between hemp and Cannabis plants, but between Cannabis farmers and hemp farmers.

Jessica Dickens Is Living the Dream as Budtender at The Green Shelf

After four years on the job as a budtender at The Green Shelf, Jessica still loves working in the cannabis industry.

Kings of Canna Manager Darren Quardt

The toughest thing about doing what I do is determining which beautiful flower to put into the shop."

Euphoria Wellness Review

"As soon as you walk into the dispensary room, a wave of concentrates is staring you in the face."

The Confusing State of Maryland Paraphernalia Laws

"Why do we still continue with the legal fiction that bongs are 'water pipes' or that pipes are 'for tobacco use only?'"

The 2021 Glass Issue

The best of the best in glass across America.

Maryland’s Songbird Budtender Rose Assiongbon

"I love to sing – my co-workers will tell you that I'm here singing all day long!"

The Kush Groove Shop

"Being authentic and true will open doors and help foster lifelong relationships."

Company Profile: New England Extraction

"We’re interested in measurable objective results from clinical studies to determine the benefits."