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2023 Alaska Edibles Special: Tundra Brewing Beverages

The potent effects delivered from the fast-acting nano emulsification made happy hour seem more like a full-day buzz.

Photos by Bailey Stuart

Tundra Brewing is on a mission to deliver infused drinks to the Alaskan marketplace that are always yummy on their own … but also perfect for mixing up a Cannabis mocktail to bring on the holiday spirit.

Americans are ditching booze and turning to Cannabis in record numbers, and up here in the Last Frontier, there’s no easier way to make such a swap than to pick up one of the delicious offerings from Tundra Brewing – a Leaf Bowl 2023 award winner known for nano emulsification, resulting in drinks that hit hard and fast. With a wide variety of flavors and the sweet and simple slogan of “Drink your Weed,” feeling festive is as easy as poppin’ a bottle. 

We started with the Blueberry Mojito, which we mixed with a Sprite to make a fizzy-berry mocktail that tingled the senses and delivered a potent buzz. We had the pleasure of mixing a few flavors over multiple visits to the Pakalolo Lounge and Tasting Room in Fairbanks last month, where we discovered that mixing any Tundra Brewing flavor with a fizzy soda or seltzer water takes them to the next level. The Pomegranate and Orange is tart and sharp with a kiss of citrus sweetness, while the Strawberry Mango turns the juice loose to the funky moose when mixed in with a fresh glass of POG or OJ.

The potent effects delivered from the fast-acting nano emulsification made happy hour seem more like a full-day buzz. And speaking of happiness, we experienced significant levels of joy when first sampling the new Happy Apple flavor! It’s a delicious blend that tastes like apple cider and apple juice had an infused love child, and is a true palate-pleaser when mixed with a store-bought Martinelli’s cider – resulting in a bubbly glassful of cheer that’s a heady and healthy way to ring in the New Year!


Photos by @stuart.consulting

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This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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