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The Leaf Glass Special 2023: Alaskan Artist Dominic Garcia

Cannabis helps my creativity, or at least I feel like I have more creativity when I smoke... It helps with inspiration.

Juan Cruzaley – Anchorage’s Best Budtender

Sometimes, I'll smoke and I won't be able to do anything but chill. Other times, I can smoke and write three songs.

Exploring The Hash Frontier Gardens

"We’re here to bring the highest quality product possible to the consumer."

Cannapreneur Jenna Fleur

"I have always been a blend of gothic and Rainbow Brite."

A new adventure for Suilnua

Adam Boyd is looking for the next cannapreneur to take over the impressive infrastructure he built.

The Woman Behind Enlighten’s Edible Line

I think when you see what edibles can do to help people in pain, you understand how important what you put in them is.

Anchorage’s Enlighten

As if Enlighten needed to be any more special, they have some of the best daily deals around.

Alaska’s Sungrown Cannabis

"What people are trying to do in a warehouse with hydroponics, is just them trying to recreate what we have naturally."

Scorpion Grass’ Fighting Budtender

Alaska has a really established Cannabis culture, so there is a lot of understanding about [athletes] using Cannabis.

Alaska’s Cannabaska

Cannabaska is showcasing the Last Frontier’s style from weed to wearables.

Alaska’s Clear Cut Cannabis

Clear Cut Cannabis is honing its products and deals, so early birds can reap the benefits of well-priced goods.

K Beach Reef’s Sheree Flore

I think a lot of us thought we’d never see the day when we could openly talk about Cannabis and buy it safely.

Cold City Cannabis

They are obsessed with terpenes and can help anyone find the perfect flower for every purpose.

Ganja Guys’ Jennifer Gochenauer

"I was always the kid who never broke the rules during school hours, or work hours even."

A Rail Good Time

A roundtrip on the rails from Anchorage to Fairbanks brings the munchies and mountains together.

Fairbank’s Good Titrations

The lounge has been a major success and Good Titrations is continuing to make it into a stoner's paradise.

Alaska’s Mile High

Featuring massive buds like Lilac Diesel and 10th Planet, House OP’s bud is some of the best around town.

AKO Farms’ Archie Vanwinkle

"Educating people about the benefits of smoking concentrates is one of my favorite parts of the job."

Hiking in High Country

Exploring edibles and altitudes in the Last Frontier.

Alaska’s Livestreaming Glassblower

"We shouldn’t be afraid to pursue our dreams."

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