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Kodiak Wildflower’s Christina Henslee

"I believe [Cannabis] has huge potential yet to be discovered."

Lady Gray Medibles’ Loving Oven

Licensed in 2018, Lady Gray Medibles has become the gold standard of Alaskan edibles.

Hashade, An Origin Story

"Being homeschooled as a kid taught me how to learn and how to teach myself."

Alaska Leaf Bowl Winners Announced

"I am beyond grateful to the community, our team, and everyone who celebrated with us," said Wes Abney.

Redefining RockHardNugz

"People always say how much they envy my commute," explains Josie as she opens the locked door to her basement.

Suilnua, A New Hope

"I just love growing things – I don't care what it is."

Alaska’s Laughing Salmon Cannabis

Laughing Salmon was built from the ground up with love and a whole lot of forethought.

Matanuska Medicine Woman’s Legacy

"It was important to us to get licensed so that we could create a legitimate career out of our passion for Cannabis."

AK Joint’s Daniel Ramirez

It takes a soft hand in the woodshop, and it takes a soft hand at the counter.

Kenai’s Coldsmoke

A cornucopia of product offerings with a flower selection focused on diversity.

Cosmic Cannabis’ Gavin Spudwills

Cannabis inhances Spudwills other passion--playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The Many Hats of Lacy Wilcox

The fight is long, we are brand new, and we have so much road ahead.

The King of Doobies

"Who wouldn't want to roll joints and get paid for it?"

That’s One Sweet World

Wasilla, Alaska's newest craft-Cannabis producers.

Alaska Harvest Company’s Jan Mabrey

I feel like I’ve been set free.

Homer’s First Locally Owned Dispensary: Cosmic Cannabis Company

The gem of Cosmic Cannabis Company's is definitely their CBD section.

Frontier CBDs is Poised to Become Alaska’s First Outdoor Hemp Grow

"I think it's important to keep the environment as clean as possible."

Community Voices: Dave DeLuca

Until we see every single state fall under federal protection and system of law, you will have an imbalance.

Community Voices: Mike McIntyre

"I have also seen a lot of inequity – too much business crawling into somewhere it shouldn’t be."

Ray Carr is Alaska’s Rapping Budtender

“Smoking always helps with getting my creativity going.”