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Extractor Profile: Babylon Company LLC

"I'll answer questions about what I do in quantum superstition."

Anchorage’s “Primo” Dispensary

Primo prides itself on its discerning palate for concentrates.

Mat-Su’s Jessica Brevard

" A job is great when you wake up in the morning and don’t dread having to go punch a clock somewhere."

2021 Alaska Concentrates: Hydrocarbon

Live resin, shatter and badder, oh my - we sampled some of the best hydrocarbon Cannabis concentrates in Alaska

Alaska’s Sweet Matanuska Green

I had always dreamed of the business being legal, so I saw the writing on the wall when talks about legalization began.

Garden Tour: Enlighten Gardens LLC

"To see how things have come together after so much struggle is a good feeling"

Shop Review: Piece of Mind

This Anchorage dispensary offers superior functional glass, and a great selection of cannabis products

From Bartending to Budtending

"Budtending is a lot calmer and customers are happier for the most part. Bartending was a lot of free therapy sessions."

Alaska’s Rapping Budtender

“I’ll always have that memory of going to Grandma’s house and recognizing that it smelled a certain way."

Cultivators with Heart

Stacy and Tom Holohan cultivate top shelf Cannabis at their snow-laden Alaskan home.

Ketchikan’s Happy Transplant

"I call Cannabis my mental meds."

Onion Down a Dream

Harrison hopes create a global brand for Cannabis culture that includes everything from apparel to comics.

We Are the Millhouses: Alaska’s Modern Family

Longtime entrepreneurs, the Millhouses traded in their stonemason chisels for a 7,000 square-foot hothouse in 2016.

Alaska’s Cannabis Oasis

Stoney Moose Farms' Cannabis oasis is situated on a three-acre island.