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Boysenberry Creme Brulee

from Lifted

A smokeable version of dessert that fills your lungs instead of tummy, no sugar crash required.

It might be cliché to choose dessert first and dinner later, but we’ll happily apply that philosophy to our terps with the beautiful Boysenberry Creme Brulee, letting our sweet tooth run wild before diving into the 501st OG live badder dabs.

Of all the flavor profiles that make up the wide variety of Cannabis strains, there is a special place for buds that can be described as food flavored. These unique cuts transport the mind and palate to a special place, sending taste buds into overdrive and triggering a Homer Simpson drool moment when a jar is open. Like a custard in a bottle but smokeable, the Boysenberry Creme Brulee is worthy of a Michelin star or two in the world of strains we wish we could eat.

While our Concentrate of the Month is normally only dabbale, we had the unique opportunity to highlight the flower that becomes the beautiful oil in the cartridge – so we doubled down on the dessert experience. Opening a jar of this flower is like walking into a baked bakery, with creamy and floral berry notes crashing into an effervescent lemony-vanilla swirl that intoxicates the mind from the first whiff. Lifted’s flower is incredible and that’s what makes for premium concentrates, so we eagerly powered up the golden cartridge to taste this flower in a new form.

First sips off the cartridge grip the lungs in a warm creamy cloud of berry-flavored vapor, exhaling with a tart finish that lingers on the palate for minutes after. Effects rush into the frontal lobes, taking a firm hold on the brain and slowing thoughts while sending waves of euphoria from nose to toes. This is a textbook feel good strain: the smokeable version of dessert that fills your lungs instead of tummy, no sugar crash required.

Following our digestive protocol, we went in on the main course of gassy terps with the 501st OG cured resin. This powerful indica cut was bred by Rare Dankness, who combined Skywalker OG with Rare Dankness #1 to bring a powerhouse OG to sedate and delight the senses. Opening a jar of this gooey badder releases a wave of terps so dank it flares nostrils and causes eyes to momentarily water. This is lemony OG jet fuel, with a grape-pine-kush finish that smells strong enough to blast even the headiest dabber into dab oblivion.

A low-temp cold start awakens the terps and the golden badder melts into vapor, inhaling with a rush that begins a journey from zero to stoned. Effects hit quickly and heavily, like wrapping a warm blanket around a very high body, relieving pain and bringing the mind and body together in baked harmony. Perfect as a nightcap, this strain has the potential to end your day early, or at least leave you stoned and red-eyed if dabbed in the morning. Which is exactly why we had our dabbable dessert first … and gas to finish a very Lifted day.


Boysenberry Creme Brulee Cured Resin Cartridge 73.21% | THC 8.04% Terpenes

Boysenberry Creme Brulee Flower 28.28% THC

501st OG Live Badder 69.3% | THC 11.9% Terpenes

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