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Bubble Rosin in Skywalker OG and Cake on Cake

Bubbie’s Bubble has been dropping fire rosin on the Washington market.

We like to have our cake and dab it too, so we doubled down on our Washington Concentrate of the Month feature with a double serving of Bubbie’s rosin.

Variety is the spice of life, and we love to enjoy strain specific rosin flavors to keep our palates and minds lost in the terps. Bubbie’s Bubble has been dropping fire rosin on the Washington market, along with their tasty Bubbie’s Treats that are worth eating uninfused. But as much as we love their Chocolate Chippies, this review is about taking dabs that will likely lead to eating cookies. Since we are already thinking about dessert, we started with the infamous Skywalker OG.

A classic cross of Mazar, Blueberry, and OG Kush, this powerhouse indica produces a lot of trichomes and resin when growing, making it perfect for a trip to get squished into solventless rosin. For those who don’t already love rosin, it’s made from pressing either flower, kief or hash into oil, with no chemicals or solvents involved. The result is a perfect strain specific experience that tastes like a fresh squeezed plant. Popping the lid on this Skywalker OG unleashes a funky and sour fruity wave being ridden by a ripe and gassed up OG Kush that slaps the nostrils in anticipation of a fat dab.

Sipping the vapor coats the palate in a gentle sour blueberry haze, with a lemon-pine-gas exhale that tingles and grips the lungs for several moments after exhaling. Effects start in the center of the chest, building with each breath, as time slows and waves of stoney euphoria and relaxation drift out towards the extremities. Within minutes time seemed slowed, as did thoughts – and as we adjusted to a more simple level of thinking – our minds once again drifted to cake.

But we’re not talking about calorie-laden treats (that happens later), we’re drooling over this double whammy of Cake strains squished into a pale frosting consistency rosin. This oil reeks of sour fuel, like a Kushy marzipan complete with a slightly cakey, lemon coriander finish. Watching this creamy rosin melt into vapor feels like licking the frosting off a cake, which is exactly what the Cake on Cake combination is all about – a slightly naughty and indulgent dab that feels as if it were squeezed from a fresh plant just minutes before.

Low temp tokes steal the breath away for a few seconds with a tight, grippy smoke that tickles the nostrils and opens capillaries on the exhale. The Cake overload magically brightens and dulls senses at the same time, rushing into the frontal lobes and sedating the body like a feather slowly floating to rest on the ground. Supremely stoned after a double dab sesh, it was our conclusion that Bubbie’s is doing great things with their rosin – so we turned our desire for an edible dessert to their Pretzel Edition Famous Fudge for the final treat of a perfect fall night.


Skywalker OG 67.7% THC

Cake On Cake 69.5% THC

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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