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Extractioneering GMO HCFSE

from Extractioneering

Extractioneering's GMO High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract utilizes Cannabis from Livetia Farms.

Debuting their brand in Oregon in October of 2015, Extractioneering, a biotechnical Cannabis company, is responsible for creating one of the most groundbreaking forms of extraction in the industry, HCFSE. This term stands for High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract, a crystalline form where THC-a percentages can stretch up to 90+ percent. This world-renowned brand has over 25 years of experience in science and Cannabis.

Their team works exclusively with cured material, extracting the full complement of Cannabis biomolecules. As this material is high in THC-a, Extractioneering can engineer a balanced full spectrum product with two results: HCFSE and HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract).

Their cosolvent technique utilizes a butane and propane blend and CO2 to create one of the most biochemically extensive Cannabis extracts currently available. This HCFSE process captures a more comprehensive oleoresin complexity than extractions conducted utilizing hydrocarbons or CO2 individually. As the oleoresin starts curing, CO2 begins releasing and THC-a crystalizes, creating a carbonated effect. 

All of their products arrive stashed in a lovely orange box decorated with a psychedelically styled paisley print. Flipping the box over reveals a plethora of information, including the top six terpenes, flavor profile and total cannabinoids. This GMO HCFSE by Livetia Farms showcases a diverse terpene profile, testing high in limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene, to name a few. Underneath the box, you will find a QR code that takes you to the complete test results for this enchanting version of GMO.

Opening up the jar reveals a permeating and abrasive gasoline fragrance, indicative of the Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies lineage in GMO. Their HCFSE offers an ocean of micro diamonds glazed in a layer of bright and shiny terpenes. After mixing this combination, the result is a vibrant and perfect dab that’s ready to rock. 

Vaporizing this extraordinary extract will send a flavor blast of savory and petrol-like terpenes throughout your entire body. Pulling my mouth away from my rig, I couldn’t help but drool a little and drop my jaw as the tastiness continued to take over my palate. This elegant and delicious profile is a match made in heaven for anyone who enjoys the more funky and earthy strains. 

With this cultivar, a little goes a long way, as the effects are profoundly strong – so we recommend starting small and working your way up. That said, Livetia Farm’s GMO would be ideal for those looking to settle their minds before going to bed, or for taking the edge off after a long day. 

Be sure to check out Extractioneering’s other incredible products, such as their HTFSE, Pulp, 5150ies, 5150ies on the rocks, Rind, and Rind+. No matter what your preference or budget allows, Extractioneering has solid options that will satisfy stoners nationwide.

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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