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Dutch Treat Extra Virgin Flower Oil

from Puffin Farm

Sweet and gentle on the lungs with a high level of terpenes brightens the senses.

Float into a terpy forest with each toke of this classic Pacific Northwest strain, grown in living soil in the sun and elements of Eastern Washington for an all-natural Harvest Issue concentrate.

Dutch Treat is one of the first strains that we reviewed at the Leaf back in 2010, and it’s considered a beloved classic within the connoisseur community for a reason. A cross between Northern Lights and Haze, this is an archetypal cultivar that carries unique flavors and effects that aren’t found in the modern strain world – where everything is a Cookies/Runtz cross with a Z added for zing.

Grown full-term outdoors by Puffin Farm in Eastern Washington, the Dutch Treat thrives in living soil and encourages terpene production in the plants. Living soil means the soil is buzzing with microbes and nutrients from organic-style growing, which when combined with the elements of being outdoors, creates as natural of an environment as can be found in the weed world. Google Sun + Earth Certified or Clean Green Certified, both accreditations Puffin carries, for more on what it means to grow without using synthetic chemicals or nutrients.

Puffin has been growing with the earth for many years and has a fantastic reputation for their flower and high-terpene CO2 extracts. It’s a process without hydrocarbons that when combined with sustainable farming practices, results in arguably the cleanest and most natural concentrates in Washington. Their Extra Virgin Flower Oil, or EVFO, features slow-cured flower that’s extracted at low temps to preserve the terpenes and flavors – resulting in a taste of fresh-squeezed plant with each dab.

First inhales are rich and creamy, with a thick but smooth vapor that dances into the lungs before exhaling with a whisper. Flavors float into the senses with notes of herbal haze and pine trees, plus a bright citrus reminiscent of the foam above a Blue Moon with an orange slice. Sweet and gentle on the lungs, the high level of terpenes brightens the senses while filling the mind with a gentle euphoria and elevating the mood like a hug from an old friend. This feel-good sativa vibe is perfect for morning or daytime use, providing energy and clarity without clouding the mind. We recommend taking a puff before a walk or a hike in the woods, where the piney flavors fit right in as the morning fog burns off at your favorite trailhead.

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This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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