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Facelock BHO

from Ooowee Concentrates

Rich and greasy with terps, warming the chest on exhale with a refreshingly minty finish.

‘Tis the season of haunted houses and spooky masks, so slide into a heady new persona with the help of Facelock by Ooowee.

Faces can be funny, especially in the era of social media and Snapchat filters. In my youth, we had one weekend a year to see how we looked as a zombie or with cat whiskers. Today we have the ability to change faces and take dabs at a moment’s notice, so we decided to fully indulge our heady desire for new tech and terps with Ooowee’s cutting edge line of products. 

Located in South Seattle, Ooowee’s name is the embodiment of the sound of happiness in word form. Often accompanied by the rubbing together of hands and a smile of anticipation, Ooowee delivers top shelf offerings in flower, concentrate and vape form – including their brand new cold start disposables!

The ‘cold start’ function involves holding the button for two seconds before inhaling, which heats up the concentrate for a big, juicy hit right from the start. We fired up the cold start button and had a thick, satisfying cloud of gentle tropical fruit with a terp-filled, earthy-cookies undertone. The disposable hits hard, rushing effects to the frontal lobes while slowing our hands and thoughts as we prepare a dab.

Loading up a fat glob of the golden crystally batter into our Focus V by Carta, we loved the kushy and gassy jet fuel that emanated from this cross of Thin Mint Cookies and Cheetah Piss. The earthy-cookies flavor comes alive in the vapor, delivering a super smooth hit that’s rich and greasy with terps, warming the chest on exhale with a refreshingly minty finish.

Effects start at the tip top of the head, with a tingly cerebral buzz that slows time and amplifies sound and taste. An eyes-wide-open indica high, the body floats below with relaxed and loose limbs – perfect for roaming streets in search of candy on Halloween.

@theooowee | @oooweedrops

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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