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Flashka Traditional Style Hashish

from Floracy

The effects are pronounced and supremely stoney, leaving eyelids heavy and vibes mellowed.

In today’s world of high-tech everything, many industry standards have gone by the wayside in favor of more modern techniques that are made possible by newer, more efficient and purpose-built hardware. This certainly applies to the realm of Cannabis concentrates – with rosin and live resin taking the lion’s share of most dispensary menus today.

However, there’s a lot to be said for the classic styles and techniques, and there’s something nostalgic – romantic even – about these increasingly rare forms of Cannabis extract.

Floracy is a Nevada County-based brand with more than two decades of experience crafting traditional, Moroccan-style hashish from sungrown Cannabis sourced almost exclusively from this unique region. The hash is crafted using a dry-sift technique applied to fully dried and cured flower, and is the company’s first in-house product offering for California’s adult-use market.

Harry Bennett is the company’s founder and for many years, was the sole proprietor of the Floracy brand. Per his suggestion, this hash is best enjoyed straight up – not as a bowl-topper or addition to flower as one might think. I don’t keep screens around as hash rosin is my preferred method of consumption, so I sampled the hash using a simple glass pipe and hemp wick.

This Tropicana Cookies hash was made from material cultivated by Nevada County’s Sky Tiger Ranch – a relative unknown by social media standards, but a cursory search online reveals them to be a member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and they are, presumably, a full-term sungrown cultivator.

With careful heat application, the hash actually bubbles and melts slightly, then cherries. Depending on the amount of hash used, it will stay lit and smoking for several minutes. The hash smokes much cleaner than other versions of dry-sift I’ve tried before – burning thoroughly from a brown hashy crumble to an off-white gray residue.

The smoke is full-flavored and super smooth, despite feeling fairly hefty in the lungs. The bright orange rind and dark cherry notes of the Tropicana terpenes are vibrant and very much present, and are complemented and balanced by the addition of the heavier, earthier flavors of the hash itself.

The effects are pronounced and supremely stoney, leaving eyelids heavy and vibes mellowed. There’s a lot to like here: from the legacy-owner-operator status, to the fun and uniquely memorable gold flake lightning bolt stamp on each hash “puck,” to the excellent value in the bang-for-your-buck department.  

With a full two grams of hash in each package and an out-the-door price tag of around $30 at most retailers, Flashka Traditional Style Hashish makes a fantastic offering for both flower smokers looking for something to level up their bowls and joints with, as well as for hash smokers looking for diversity in their wares or who just want a break from spending $60 per gram (or more) on their favorite producer’s latest rosin drop.

This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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