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Hindu Kush, Dosi Pie, Demon Slayer

from Heylo Cannabis

Hindu Kush is rich and earthy, with distinct notes of choco-hash and lemon-pepper-gas.

A healthy life is a happy life, so we’ve gathered the best of Heylo’s medically certified CO2 cartridges that are perfect for vaping on the go and now available to patients tax-free!

At the Leaf, we view all use of Cannabis as medicinal. No matter the reason you choose to use the plant, or the method, it makes you feel better without side effects or overdoses and without the harms of alcohol or hard drugs. We love feeling high and feeling good, which is why we are happy to share the unique new concentrates coming from Heylo Cannabis.

Lo Friesen started Heylo in 2017, where she took her environmental chemistry background and combined it with a passion for extracting clean Cannabis products using CO2. Heylo has had a big impact on the Cannabis community, pushing education and awareness through a combination of events like Senior Center Cannabis 101 outreach, tours that are open to the public by appointment, and a focus on creating effective medically certified products that are worthy of being called top shelf.

Washington has officially ended the 37% excise “sin” tax on patients, and now registered patients can buy Department of Health-certified products like those from Heylo and Treehaus tax-free. Known for terpy strain-specific CO2 cartridges with great info on flavor, Cannabinoids and vibes, we were stoked to hear that Treehaus has a new disposable all-in-one vape. Ours was filled with Demon Slayer, a sativa whose vibes include swords, lifting and deep breathing. Conquering the day involves slaying tasks, and we loved the gentle euphoria and floaty creative buzz of this fizzy cherry-lemonade-sappy concentrate.

Next, we went old school with the Hindu Kush, a classic landrace strain said to have originated in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where Cannabis has grown both wild and cultivated for thousands of years. This hashy and heavy plant has great test results, including CBG for mood and anti-cancer and inflammation properties, and CBC, which can boost bone growth, help nerve pain, and potentially benefit the immune system. The human endocannabinoid system is larger than the central nervous system, which is part of why medical Cannabis makes us feel so good.

The Hindu Kush is rich and earthy, with distinct notes of choco-hash and lemon-pepper-gas that tickle the nose on a superbly clean exhale. Effects dull the mind quickly, but in a contemplative and reflective manner, making this a pleasant end-of-the-day high for focusing on pleasurable endeavors. Shared with a slice of Dosi Pie, which slows time and relaxes the frontal lobes, it releases tension with each sour, cherried-gassy-funky exhale. With stoney effects and a clean concentrate, it feels great to know that patients are still cared for a decade since legalization began.

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This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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