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Icing on the Cake Shatter

from Millennium Extracts

The shiny, snappable concentrate glistens as it melts over the mind and body like icing on a hot cake.

It’s time to get more baked than the turkey as we celebrate the harvest with a bountiful lineup of concentrates from Millennium Extracts.

Every holiday there’s the moment where the stoner cousin and the family troublemakers all share a knowing look before sneaking out for dabs, returning to the feast in a much happier and hungrier mood. When this writer first started sneaking out on Turkey Day, it was considered very lucky indeed to have weed to smoke – which was also a dead giveaway that we were high. Thankfully for us all, Millennium Extracts has a full lineup of concentrates that will get you superbly stoned … without smelling like a blunt.

We love getting high on the go, so we started with the GG#4 live resin cartridge on a low-volt setting on our vape pen. First puffs deliver waves of sour-citrus gas that tickle the nose on a warm, funky exhale. This gluey strain slows down thoughts and clears anxiety and stress away – perfect for prefunking on the way to a holiday party.

While the carts are perfect when you’re on the move, sitting down for a sesh calls for dabs. We love the throwback to shatter, who once ruled the concentrate world, as evidenced by the Dope Cup award-winning logo on the packaging. The shiny, snappable concentrate glistens as it melts down – releasing a thick wave of earthy cookies and a sour-cakey gas that melts over the mind and body like icing on a hot cake. Superbly stoney, this strain kicked the munchies into high gear … making for a perfect second course of dabs.

We saved the Black Mojito for dessert – our after-dinner, cocktail-themed butter wax shining golden with terps and oozing a rich tropical wave of cherry and lime flavors – living up to the cocktail moniker. Low-temp dabs deliver a smooth and sweet vapor with a syrupy and sour exhale, brightening senses in an uplifting mental high that pairs perfectly with a relaxed body for a giggly and happy, end-of-the-feast buzz that’s thankfully calorie-free.

Product Info:
Icing on the Cake Shatter 88% THC
Black Mojito Butter Wax 85% THC
GG#4 Live Resin Cartridge

millenniumextracts.com | @millennium_extracts

This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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