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Lemon Meringue, White NIghtmare & First 48

from Dabster

Dive in for a dabbing smorgasbord to celebrate the start of 2024.

In a riff on the famous Lynyrd Skynyrd song – give me three dabs, give me three dabs more – with the Dab Flight lineup by Dipt Labs.

Whether it’s the menu at your favorite dispensary or at Starbucks, Americans love selection and variety when it comes to flavors. So when we heard about the new Dab Flights by Dabster that combine three tasty concentrates into one container, we knew we had to dive in for a dabbing smorgasbord to celebrate the start of 2024.

Dabster by Dipt Labs has been making killer live resin and infused joints that smack, and we featured their all-in-one rosin cartridges last year in our Off the Shelf rosin roundup. With roots in medical Cannabis and a passion for the plant that carries through in their top shelf extracts, Dipt Labs continues to innovate with their new three-way dab lineup. With a Morning, Noon and Night Sampler, along with indica and sativa varieties, it’s easy to plan out your day’s dabs. And with a lack of good sativa concentrates on the market, we chose the Sativa Sampler to light us up brighter than your weird neighbors’ house that still has Christmas lights up.

We decided to go in the order on the packaging, starting with the Lemon Meringue. We loved the labeling on the bottom of the jar, making it easy to know which strain is being globbed into our Carta V2 E-rig. Opening the jar releases a rush of invigorating and bright, tropical-fruit flavors with a kiss of deliciously creamy gas. Smelling good enough to eat, we savored the golden, syrupy flavor that tastes like sugary-orange glazed doughnuts. Effects instantly hit the mind, elevating the mood and sharpening senses with each super smooth exhale. Round one and we are awake! Next we loaded the White Nightmare, which has a sugar crystal consistency and a gassier nose. Low-temp hits deliver a limey Sprite flavor with a fizzy citrus kick that smacks the frontal lobes – slowing thoughts and relaxing muscles as a euphoric energy grips the mind and body with a lovely mental daze that is certainly stoney.

While taking three dabs in 20 minutes might sound excessive to some, it’s really fun – especially when it’s three different, tasty flavors of terpy live resin. With the industry trending towards indicas, especially in the hash world, it’s truly lovely to have uplifting sativas to choose from. The final dab for our floaty sesh was the First 48, a potent cross of The White and Orange Blossom that rushes into the senses with a floral zing of rose petals and citrus gas, exhaling smoothly with a hash kiss on the finish. By the third dab, our eyes were a little crossed, our foreheads heavy … but with the floaty and energetic high riding alongside, we were ready to handle whatever the day had for us with a cheery and stoned outlook. Winter doldrums be damned!

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This article was originally published in the January 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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