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Lemony Snicket Rosin

from 111 Ranch

A beautiful golden sap, glistening with terps and teasing the eyes as the gassy lemonade flavor is released.

When life gives you lemons, feel free to make lemonade – but we recommend tossing the fruit and picking up the deliciously dabbable Lemony Snicket to gas up your summer adventures.

For fans of the books “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” the name Lemony Snicket lives on in infamy as the pen name of the author who created the series. There’s also a Netflix show based on the books, and we certainly recommend getting stoned before indulging in the fantasy story of three orphans adopted by an evil count who wants to steal their inheritance. 

All this drama leads us to ask: Why do lemons get such a bad rap? There’s the whole saying with the option to squirt one in someone’s eye, or even chuck one right back where they came from … but none of those make sense to this writer, because we love lemony strains that excite the mind and deliver tasty energy with each toke.

The Lemony Snicket strain is a heady sativa made from AK-47 and Hashplant Haze, promising energy and stoney euphoria from the two parent genetics. Grown by 111 Ranch using regenerative farming techniques, the flower and rosin coming from the farm is spectacular, and the organic-style growing methods with living soil indoor beds and sungrown outdoor flower produces perfect starting material for concentrates. They make delicious live resin under the brand Krakin Charas (with a sea monster on the label) that’s full of terps, but the solventless rosin stays under the 111 Ranch branding – with the signature three numbers that look like slashes from a Kraken hockey stick.

Opening the jar of rosin reveals a beautiful golden sap that’s nearly translucent, glistening with terps and teasing the eyes as the gassy lemonade flavor is released. First flavor notes while prepping a fat dab are lemony, creamy and sour, with a funky hashy thickness that balances the sweetness of the lemons perfectly.

Taking a low-temp dab releases a greasy-lemon vapor with a sweet and syrupy exhale – complete with a smoothness that only comes from clean material encouraging big and repeated tokes. The lemon is quite strong, but the balancing notes of kushy earthiness and a sour-ginger tang brings complexity to this unique flavor. Effects hit quickly and are simultaneously relaxing and uplifting – sharpening senses while slowing thoughts as a gentle euphoria overtakes the mind. 

After a few minutes, a heavier high builds that loosens up limbs and joints, leaving the body in a feel-good sativa glow. Bottom line: When it comes to this Lemony Snicket rosin, the only unfortunate event is when the jar is empty.

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This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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