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Malibu Berries

from House of Cultivar Grand Cru

This delicious concentrate dabs very smoothly and produces a unique high with feelings of positivity and contentment.

Paddle out into sweet waves of syrupy berries that erupt like the crashing of a big roller, tossing the mind and body into a stoney bliss that’s the dabbing equivalent of a beach day.

While the city of Malibu might evoke memories of Barbies or Charlie Sheen, it’s safe to say that “Two and a Half Men” would still be filming if Sheen had chosen delicious hash rosin instead of cocaine. While it’s too late to save that show or his career, it’s perfect timing to try the new solventless Grand Cru lineup from House of Cultivar. Grown and processed in the SODO district of Seattle, HOC is known for their in-house bred strains and craft approach, with pesticide testing for everything they produce. Their beautiful flower graces the cover of this special issue, so we decided to share a taste of their dabs here as Concentrate of the Month.

Twisting open the black jar from the fridge releases a bouquet of terps that rush out like heat from the oven, which is fitting given that the dominant flavors are from the Sugar Berry Scone parentage. One of my personal favorite strains, when combined with the Malibu Marsha  (Tropicana X Cookies & Cream F2) it creates a unique and distinctly delicious rosin. Light colored with a perfectly gooey texture, the rosin reeks of creamy warm berries with a hint of soy sauce and a gassy, lemony-cookies tang. 

Perfection in flavor and consistency, we loaded a glob for a cold start to get the most terps into our lungs as quickly as possible. The low temp dab melts the rosin and coats the palate in vanilla citrus berries that grip the lungs on inhale, before the vapor seemingly drips out of the mouth on exhale. Extremely smooth and with little expansion, this is a unique buzz that really begins from the chest outward, taking a few minutes for the wave of stoney energy ripples to reach the extremities and mind. As thoughts slow down and a happy feeling of contentment takes over, leaning back in the office chair feels as good as hitting a beach chair – while the Malibu Berries deliver a vacation experience one dab at a time.

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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