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Melted Strawberries Rosin

from Trilogy 710

When people coming to visit Cali ask what rosin they should pick up, even the Reddit threads agree on Trilogy.

Trilogy 710 isn’t just the brand name for May’s Concentrate of the Month … it’s also emblematic of the three powerhouse names behind this single gram of rosin.

Melted Strawberries is a creation of Bloom Seed Co. which was started by Harry Palms, who also started Oni Seed Co. and is credited with the creation of Tropicanna Cookies. People talk about the strains Bloom puts out being especially good for making hash and this is no exception. Especially when you consider it was grown by Humboldt County’s own Royal Budline, who took home the gold for flower at King of Z Hill in Golden Gate Park last year. Having enjoyed smoking their flower and the rosin it makes, it’s an easy bet for me when I see their logo as the partner farm. 

Trilogy 710 is part of the Bobby Trill brand, a name well known in Cannabis circles for his work with hash. When people coming to visit Cali ask what rosin they should pick up, even the Reddit threads agree on Trilogy 710. Apart from just this brand, Bobby has a long resume in the game and was even tapped recently to judge the Masters of Rosin competition in New York. Trilogy 710 sits at a level of quality that even a traditional market shopper wants to see some when shopping far from home. Recent drops of this Amarello and Albany Sour have really got people talking online. 

A mix of Strawberry Guava and GMO, what we have here is something sweet and savory. The color is nice and bright without seeming too light, while the consistency is just a little too terpy to hand roll into a snake but not overly wet. People who grew this reported getting a lot of strawberry guava and onion in both the smell and taste. I picked up a lot of fruit and candy on the nose but that first exhale will surprise you with a blast of something that is, in fact, more onion-y at first. After the second breath, the sweet flavor cuts down the middle, slicing those notes of pepper to either side of the tongue. The aftertaste carries more of that lightly funky and savory flavor, but you’ll still catch a lingering sweetness playing at the roof of your mouth. 

Melted Strawberries Rosin won’t knock you out in a dab, but will make you so high that trying to complete a task will feel like paddling upstream (except you’ll have a blast doing it).

trilogy710.co | @nottrilogy

This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of California Leaf.

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