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Midnight Madness CO2 Cartridge

from Herban Extracts

Herban Extracts is leading the way with some of the best CO2 not just in Alaska, but on the entire West Coast.

Escape into summer vibes with a big hit of Midnight Madness from Herban Extracts – celebrating the return of sun and the crazy rush to enjoy the season as days stretch into night.

Summer is almost here… and with it the much-anticipated sunshine and long days that make fishing, hiking and living in Alaska so amazing each year. Surviving a winter is like a badge of honor – one earned with lots of Cannabis and self-reflection – but the time to hunker down and dab out is over! 

Ripping into the beautiful golden cartridge, we love how the color and clarity of the oil are on full display, ensuring that the quality terps are ready for vaping. First hits are sweet and earthy, with a warming citrus-sugar that takes over the palate and coats the mouth in a fresh-squeezed, fruity tingle.

A definite sativa strain, we felt our eyes and ears perk up with the first exhale – sharpening senses and increasing mental activity and happiness, while the body slowly slips into a happy-go-lucky high that loosens joints and relaxes muscles. Keeping the mind sharp and body strong for whatever adventure awaits, the Midnight Madness is the epitome of a late-night sativa that’s perfect for Alaskan adventures.

The best part about Herban Extracts lineup is the ability to get concentrates in three consistent forms: glass-tip carts, Klick Tip dispensers perfect for dabbing, and now the new disposable vaporizers that also feature the see-through tech. Having used disposables all over the country, we can say that these are truly top shelf – they don’t leak and deliver huge hits consistently! Our disposable was filled with Marmalade Sky, delivering relaxing indica effects reminiscent of a fresh orange spritzer with a balance of sweet and earthy terpenes. With effects that start in the head – slowing thoughts before wrapping the body up in a blanket of THC – it’s the perfect way to wind down from adventures.

Once home, it’s dab time. The Klick Tip is full of tasty concentrate that can also be eaten. Each click of the dispenser releases a perfectly-sized dab, with no mess or waste. Ours was filled with Blueberry Sky and low-temp dabs deliver a huge burst of terpenes and THC that’s ripe with a fresh-from-the-field blueberry rush, plus hints of lemon and fresh Haze that tickles senses on the exhale. If you want to get stoned, like old-school baked, this is the dab for you. 

With high-terpene extracts that are tested for terp percentages each time, Herban Extracts is leading the way with some of the best CO2 not just in Alaska, but on the entire West Coast. The only hard part is choosing which flavor for your next adventure.

Product Info:

Midnight Madness CO2 Cartridge
66.3% THC 9.1% Terpenes

Blueberry Sky CO2 Klick Pen
70.8% THC 5.9% Terpenes

Marmalade Sky CO2 Disposable
72.7% THC 3.8% Terpenes

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This article was originally published in the May 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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