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Moon Pie Cold Cured Rosin

from Bacon Grease

Oozing sour-gas terps with bright splashes of rich and creamy citrus.

Gas up your rocket boosters and blast off to the final frontier of your headspace with this delicious Moon Pie rosin from Bacon’s Grease.

Ask any kid what they want to be as an adult, and they’ll likely say “astronaut.” But what about the idea of being a hashtronaut? It’s a similar occupation in which it allows for the exploration of space … but without the pressures of being a sober member of NASA. And while we believe that someday there will be space dabs, for now we prefer to take globs of Bacon’s Grease and strap into our VR headset for an out-of-this-world experience. 

Bacon’s Buds is a living soil with organic practices producer in Washougal with a focus on craft Cannabis and single-source concentrates. This means that the flower they grow with love is turned into rosin on site, without any solvents or transfers of products from other farms. Living soil is considered to be the holy grail of natural growing, meaning there are no salt-based fertilizers or chemicals, and instead a living biosphere of microbes that are fed natural inputs create a happy soil environment for the plants. This creates happy buds that when turned into rosin, is the purest form of Cannabis in a strain-specific buzz.

In our experience, flower grown with love and organic inputs tastes the best – and this Moon Pie is as yummy as it sounds. The sappy, cookie-batter rosin consistency is oozing sour-gas terps with bright splashes of rich and creamy citrus tickling the nose with each waft. Heated up in a low-temp dab, the oil melts into a smooth vapor with a kiss of citrus and cherry. Effects settle in quickly, wrapping the body up in a THC spacesuit that brings floaty sensations as muscles relax and tension disappears. As the body effects reach into the mind, the head seems to float just a little higher than normal, with a clarity and euphoria that is chill but not overly sedative.

In the name of science we decided to double down and loaded up a bong toke of the same Moon Pie flower, which has a lime green color and tons of trichomes. The flower carries a little more cherry skunk funk, with delicious notes of creamy vanilla and citrusy gas. Smoking the flower delivers a warming, sweet smoke that grabs the frontal lobes and puts a grin on the face – bringing heady, time-warping effects that complement the floaty euphoria of the rosin perfectly. It’s always beautiful to taste the flower that’s been turned into oil, and the one-two punch of single-source pleasure is a high worthy of the name Moon Pie. No trip to actual outer space required…

This article was originally published in the April 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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