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Ohana Premium Disposables

from Agro Couture

We enjoyed the CBD with the high-THC concentrate balancing the effects for a more synergistic high.

Embrace the island lifestyle with the new Ohana extra-large tanker vapes that will keep the adventure going longer this summer.

Life’s a beach with a vape pen in the pocket – even if the view is more imaginative or on YouTube. It is truly magical to take a gentle puff on a brightly-colored pen and exhale a tropical breeze of terps that is completely ignored by passersby. As a writer who used to sneak into the woods on hikes to smoke weed safely, it’s still a bit surreal to be passed by more fit hikers who have to push through my clouds of fruity vapor on the trail.

To celebrate the freedom and flavors that we so love, we’ve connected with a lineup of Ohana Premium Disposables by Agro Couture. These disposables have two full grams of Cannabis concentrate – half high-potency THC mixed with another gram of CBD-infused oil – that feels good and delivers more puffs over the lifetime of the disposable. This means less waste and more taste (which we love), especially when the flavors hit as hard as the Ohana blends.

Our first hit had to be Blue Hawaiian, which is both a color, a flavor, and a feeling that takes over when the sunglasses hit at the same time as effects. Simply pressing the little button and inhaling delivers a thick, warm cloud of blue-infused razzleberries, sending a calming wave of relaxation straight to the mind and body. We enjoyed the CBD with the high-THC concentrate balancing the effects for a more synergistic high. 

Next we hit the Lychee – reminiscent of a warm and heady candy melted into vapor form, with notes of strawberries and pears and a syrupy jelly. The all-in-one batteries have an easy on/off setting and three heat settings, giving the user hassle-free navigation between light sips of vapor or big fat clouds that fog the mind and room at the same time.

Saving the best for breakfast, we hit the POG (pineapple, orange, guava) in a fresh-squeezed tropical rush that brightened our senses and delivered a chillaxed sativa buzz. Bright and sweet, we enjoyed this in the morning before our lungs or mind are ready for fat dabs of rosin. With two full grams of cannabinoid content and smooth, satisfying flavors, the Ohana lineup is ready to bring a flavored buzz to your next Cannabis-powered adventure.

agrocouture.co | @agromechanix

This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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