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One Piece Cured Resin & Live Rosin

from Svin Gardens

Embrace the high-energy, Anime-themed live rosin and cured resin from local legends Svin Gardens.

Grab your favorite katana dab tool and embrace the high-energy, Anime-themed live rosin and cured resin from local legends Svin Gardens.

The strain One Piece is a Wedding Cake cross with an unknown genetic partner, giving it a sense of mystery that fits with the Anime-themed packaging and branding for this cut. Anime and Manga have long focused on esoteric martial arts and mysterious powers, which can also be found when tasting new and rare concentrates. Each new high is like a fresh power up – providing necessary health and mind points to keep moving on the long journey called life.

Svin Gardens has embraced the culture of Cannabis with their flying pig packaging, with a quote on their website that shares the vibe behind this Tier 2 craft-focused garden. “They said it’d be legal when pigs fly. Now that the pigs are flying, we’re trying to grow the best!” Growing top-shelf flower and processing single-source BHO and hash rosin, Svin Gardens’ passion for hash is why we decided to feature their fire dabs in our Culture Issue.

We chose to start with the cured resin, which has an Anime skull mark above a treasure chest with a reflective green-gold horde inside. Twisting open the jar releases a rush of sour-gassy-cake with a lemon-vanilla-honey in a sugared finish that teases the senses as a dab is loaded. The resin has a beautiful golden color and a light consistency – melting at low temps into a silky smooth vapor that grips the lungs in a quick embrace before a clean exhale. Full of lemony-gassy funk, this delicious dab rushes mental effects to the forehead as the body warms and muscles relax with a stoney-euphoric energy reminiscent of classic, old school highs.

Now that we were floating a few feet off the ground like an esoteric guru, our attention turned to the live rosin for a second helping of the One Piece. The rosin has a beautiful consistency that glistens with terps and oozes a heavy Wedding Cake gas that’s balanced by notes of lavender, rose petals and a honey finish that’s sweet and funky. First inhales deliver a rich and thicker vapor that’s full of sour gas that instantly clouds the mind in a hazy fog. The rosin captures a heavier effect – slowing thoughts and sedating the body as a warming glow-up spreads from nose to toes. Like an iconic Goku power-up Super Saiyan form, we felt stronger, happier and ready to take on whatever trials and bad bosses life throws at us.

svingarden.com | @svin_garden

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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