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Premium RSO Lineup

from Skagit Organics

This is a wonder drug that can change lives.

Health is essential to living a happy life, which is why Cannabis is such a super medicine for our minds and bodies. And it comes in no purer form than as an essential extract of RSO from local producer Skagit Organics.

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is named after the Cannabis health pioneer who is largely credited with bringing ethanol extraction of Cannabis to the world via the internet. Also known as Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), RSO is in many ways an essential extract of Cannabis – with myriad benefits from the plant concentrated into a potent and thick oil that can be eaten, used topically, or filled in capsules for at-home cannabinoid therapy.

While Rick Simpson was focused mainly on helping cancer patients (also where RSO first gained credibility), we’ve found that this wondrous oil can have many applications ranging from lifesaving to end of life care, to daily use and recovery from injuries or pain – not to mention, getting really ridiculously baked. If you use this oil regularly, you’ll experience all these benefits and the floaty high that comes from full plant extract.

We love Skagit Organics extracts, which continue to set a standard for quality and pesticide testing in Washington’s Cannabis market. And since health is wealth, we wanted to share their lineup of three premium RSOs with our readership family. 

Starting with the RSO Original, this platinum extract has 58% THC in a gram applicator, making for 580mg of THC in the concentrate. A simple way to do the math from percentage to milligram when ingesting oils for edible purposes is to multiply the percentage by 10. This allows you to factor in the total amount of THC per package, and then dose it for your own therapeutic needs. 

It should go without saying: If you have a low tolerance for edibles, start with a grain of rice sized serving of this oil – just a little drop can contain a ton of cannabinoids and rock your world!

The original THC version of RSO carries a heavy high that can be overwhelming in high doses, but also floaty and fun at lower doses. Always take RSO at least an hour before bed, or the effects will kick in while you sleep and can lead to brain fog or a weed hangover the next day. For a milder psychoactive buzz with all the benefits of RSO, we look to the CBD-rich version that is perfect for relieving pain and inflammation – without as heavy of a head high. The high CBD extract carries all the benefits of this wonderful cannabinoid, with just a hint of THC to help activate your endocannabinoid system. For a real lesson on Cannabis, google the ECS to get your world (mind + body) rocked.

Saving the best (or most fun) for last, we thoroughly recommend you try the CBG-rich RSO for your next edible adventure. A healthy dollop of this extract will have you floating and giggling with childlike wonder, distorting space and time along with depth perception, as this unique cannabinoid takes hold. CBG is a huge helper with inflammation, pain, nausea, IBS/Crohn’s, and has been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells in lab studies, as well as reducing intraocular eye pressure. 

This is a wonder drug that can change lives, but also delivers a feeling of euphoria in our experience – that could be the neurogenesis of new brain cells, which CBG is thought to aid in – or we could just be really baked. Give the trio of extracts from Skagit Organics a try and skip the sugary edibles, heading straight into medicinal relief with a powerful high that could change your life, one healing dose at a time.


RSO Original 58% THC Sugar Kush

CBD Oil Original 3.6% THC 51% CBD Pine Tsunami


This article was originally published in the January 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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