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Ric James Rosin

from Polar Icetracts

The strain was grown in living soil by Gold Leaf Gardens and processed as single-source flower to oil by Polar Icetracts

Dive into nostalgia with a dab duo that’s a celebration of the stickiest of the icky pressed into tasty rosin, courtesy of the single-source flower and hash team at Gold Leaf Gardens.

Whenever the strain Ric James comes up, I think of the original slap heard across culture – and I don’t mean Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars. While that petty act of bullying is now immortalized on Rock’s Netflix special (which is extra funny after a fat dab of Gold Leaf rosin), this Rick James x Charlie Murphy slap came from Chappelle’s Show, along with the infamous tagline: “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

It’s fitting that the outrageous vibe of that moment is reflected in the subtly name-changed Ric James strain, which is a combination of Raspberry Ice Cream Cake and Do-si-dos. Grown and processed as a single-source flower to oil by Gold Leaf Gardens and Polar Icetracts, it offers the unicorn experience of smoking in flower form and dabbing as a delicious solventless concentrate. Gold Leaf grows their flower in living soil with organic-style practices and a lot of mahalo – providing the perfect environment for happy plants to produce tasty terpenes and lots of trichomes for the rosin heads.

Opening the jar of gorgeous purple nugs releases a wave of skunky-sweet truffles and earthy citrus and berry notes, creating a complex and mouth-watering flavor profile. The buds are perfectly shaped and cured, with deep purple flower that’s contrasted by the white trichomes that cover every bit of bud structure. First tokes deliver a smooth and sweet smoke that dances in the lungs before exhaling with a berry cobbler kush flavor that lingers on the palate. Effects build from the chest outward, warming the body and relaxing muscles while sending a stoney sedative rush to the frontal lobes … twisting the mind into a baked pretzel of looping pleasure that’s perfect for the munchies and entertainment.

After a snack and a few minutes lost in stoned wonder, we remembered the dessert to our main course flower: the delicious Ric James rosin. Light golden in color with a greasy shimmer, the beautiful oil bursts with notes of raspberry jam, rose petals and a pastry-esque baked tart with an earthy-kush frosting that teases the senses. Hitting at low temps on our Leaf HQ Focus V, the rosin melts into a smooth vapor that exhales with a grip on the nose, tickling with pungent terps as effects slapped frontal lobes in a hit worthy of the Oscars. 

Experience your own double feature with this flower and rosin combination from Gold Leaf Gardens, and look for other strain-specific matchups featuring rosin and rosin cartridges from Polar Icetracts at your favorite dispensary with a hash fridge.

Goldleafgardens.com | @goldleafgardens420 | @_polaricetracts

This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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