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Rosetta Stone Sugar

from Babylon Company

The terp sugar processed by Babylon is absolutely beautiful.

Take a journey back to the Stoned Age via dabs that will have you speaking in different languages with this delicious and historically named concentrate from Babylon.

For us millennials, Rosetta Stone is a language software, but the true historical artifact was actually a real stone that had been inscribed with the languages of the ancients. Its discovery ushered in a new age of understanding because it contained the same text in Greek as it did Hieroglyphics and Demotic, which unlocked the translation of Egyptian writing and finally made sense of those funny “walk like an Egyptian” carvings. We’re guessing that the ancients were getting baked, and taking a fat dab of the Rosetta Stone might return your written language skills to doodles and dance moves.

Created by legendary breeders Brothers Grimm, the Rosetta Stone is a cross between the potent White Widow and Ginger Ale, which blend together in a sweet and fruity hybrid. The terp sugar processed by Babylon is absolutely beautiful, with light golden crystals that clump together in a sticky, terpy ball. Opening a container releases a warm, fragrant wave of lemony-creamy-pine that washes into a hint of herbal fuel as it passes through the palate. Low temp dabs enhance the sweeter terps as the sugar melts into vapor, filling the lungs easily and exhaling in a huge cloud that leaves lips tingling and ears ringing, as effects grip the mind.

Suddenly strange visuals and new words start forming in our frontal lobes, as we think about ways to combine nacho cheese with new foods, and wonder whether the ancients were able to make delicious treats like the ‘quesarito.’ Will the future be like Demolition Man, where everything is Taco Bell? Will memes and emojis become the new hieroglyphics for those future humans to piece together the meanings of our existence? Obviously, the uplifting, giggly and wondrous effects of these tasty dabs have taken hold, and we’re feeling very starry-eyed, happy face, fire symbol right now. After all, history is the same as it ever was, but we’re very grateful to be living in the age where Babylon is a company that processes delicious extracts, and for the journey into the new frontier of stoney emojis that Rosetta Stone has taken us on. 

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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