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Sherb Candy Rosin

from Knots

This potent concentrate comes from a Rainbow Sherbert x Runtz cross and the effects can be psychedelic and euphoric.

Humans have been concentrating Cannabis to achieve psychedelic experiences for thousands of years, culminating in the art of making rosin using only water, ice, heat and pressure to extract the essence for our own journeys into the spirit of the plant – amplifying its already natural psychedelic properties. 

By increasing the potency of cannabinoids and terpenes, much more potent effects can emerge and absolutely verge on trippy. Anyone who’s taken a fat glob or a too-hot glowie can attest to these powers. And of all the dabs, nothing represents the true flavors of the plant better than hash rosin.

The delicious Knots rosin starts out as bubble hash – made by agitating Cannabis with ice and water to separate the trichome heads from the plant material – which are then collected and cured before preparing for squishing. While you could smoke this bubble hash and get nicely baked, turning it into rosin is doubling down on the extraction. This process is known as squishing (as the bubble hash is pressed between high-pressure heated plates), pushing out the purest oil that’s incredibly rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Light-colored and bursting with terps, the gooey cookie-badder consistency of Sherb Candy loads into a banger for a low-temp dab easily. Opening the jar releases a crashing wave that slams into the senses with a sour-rose-vanilla-gas combining with a sugary-sherb-funk – blending the best of the Rainbow Sherbert and the Runtz for a thick and effervescent, senses-brightening aroma. Melting down at a low temp, the oil turns to a clean vapor that grabs the lungs in a warming embrace … before rushing out with a candied-sour-fruit and vanilla-rubber exhale that’s both delicious and complex.

Effects start building from the chest, spreading to the extremities as relaxation and a numbing tingle make movements feel both slower and faster, coalescing in a stoner speedball sensation. Melting with euphoria, lightly-watering eyes settle the high as a glowing halo of cannabinoids kills extraneous thoughts, putting the user directly in the moment – a perfect experiential rosin that blends top shelf taste and flavor with a buzz that’s worthy of the Psychedelic Issue.


This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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