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Stardawg Rosin Jam and Tally Man Rosin Cart

There’s no better rocket fuel than low temp dabs of solventless hash rosin to blast us off to the stars.

There’s no better rocket fuel than low temp dabs of solventless hash rosin to blast us off to the stars, where we dance like billionaires after taking tokes of the delicious, strain-specific concentrates that Constellation Cannabis drops on our heads like shooting stars.

While we may seem a little starry-eyed (this won’t be our last Constellation pun), we can’t hype this company enough for the care and quality with which they put out solventless hash in the Washington market. In fact, we love Constellation (and rosin) so much that when they dropped us off a sample pack, we couldn’t help but feature two to review. 

We started with the dabs – hungrily eyeing the terpy rosin jam, while saving the cartridge to power us later in the day in a clutch, on-demand format. Tucked inside artistic packaging with a viewing window on the bottom, the rosin brings a golden, gooey and thick consistency that is perfect for loading up low-temp globs.

Opening the jar releases a bouquet of sour fermenting fruit with a salty-fuel, orange peel finish. The blend of the Lemon G’s syrupy sativa pairs perfectly with the uplifting Stardawg in a stoney and euphoric, sativa dominant pair. First inhales are sour and savory, with the diesel appearing on exhale and tingling the palate with a lemony-Kush kiss at the end. 

The effects are powerful, building immediately behind the eyes and grinding thoughts to a halt as a glowy aurora of bakedness surrounds the mind, before rolling over the body in a pain-relieving wave. Stoned to the bone with a unique flavor profile and extremely clean smoke, this cross had stars circling overhead for several hours before adventuring out with the rosin cartridge.

The best part of rosin carts is the full plant flavor experience, which delivers the best elements of the hash and a regular dab with the easy click of a button. We’re not saying we won’t take the time to properly heat, cool and temperature check a delicious dab of Constellation rosin, but we do love having the same luxurious high available instantly and on the go. 

The Tally Man (or Mon) is a cross of a Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos bred with Papaya, for a unique blending of flavors and an experiential, hybrid buzz that is a definite mood elevator. First pulls on the pen release a sweet lemon-banana custard which frosts a rich and earthy, Kush-cake exhale that grips the lungs and expands outwards with a powerful burst of warming euphoria. Effects start quickly by slowing thoughts and replacing the inner monologue with a goofy internal grin – quickly spreading to the face, relaxing the jaw and easing tension as the Tally Man gets to work. 

While we didn’t experience the increased sexual arousal that some users report online, it’s definitely a feel-good strain. So if the mood strikes, we would definitely recommend turning to the Tally Man for a high that will get you to the stars and back.


Lemon G x Stardawg Rosin Jam
69.43% THC
8.4% Terpenes

Tally Many Rosin Cart
72% THC
61.% Terpenes

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