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Super Boof Bubble Hash

from Soulshine Cannabis

Stirring it up releases a wave of honeyed cherries with an orange zest that teases the senses before it’s even smoked.

If Superman’s only weakness is kryptonite, then the stoner version of the green-glowing crystals must surely be the Super Boof.

But what is boof, you might ask? It’s weed slang for mids, aka average weed that’s simply OK. Which is why it’s ironically cool to call it the Super Boof, which is not boof at all. Grown by Soulshine Cannabis and processed into hash, this euphoric indica strain is a cross of Black Cherry Punch and Tropicanna Cookies.

Bubble hash is made by processing high quality flower that has a lot of resinous trichomes, using only water and ice. This solventless extraction happens by filling bubble bags with buds and soaking them in ice-filled water, agitating the trichomes as the batch is stirred like a stoner witches brew. The bubble bags have different filter ratings called microns, which gather the trichomes that fall off the buds. This process of separating the resin from the plant is both ancient and modern, and the result is a flavorful and pure expression of the plant that is fantastic for smoking, or using in edibles. Soulshine has a line of delicious, strain-specific 100mg drinks powered by their hash – and they smack!

Lucky for us, today we get to smoke the hash. Coming in bright packaging that’s printed on paper offset by forest restoration, smoking trees that help to plant trees feels good! Opening the jar reveals golden-amber trichomes that are grouped together in beautiful hash that glows with notes of tropical flowers and earthy gas. Stirring it up releases a wave of honeyed cherries with an orange zest that teases the senses before it’s even smoked.

Bubble hash is often smoked on top of a bowl of flower, or through a hash pipe using a glass rod to vaporize the resin. We chose to load a small bowl of flower into a normal dry pipe and then coat it in a layer of hash. To smoke it, you pass the lighter flame over the hash gently – causing it to melt and bubble as the offering of smoke is released. First inhales are bright and taste distinctly like cherry punch, exhaling with a sweet rush of tropical terps. The high hits the frontal lobes quickly, sending a rush of euphoria that wraps around the mind and body like a glowing aura that’s worthy of the brand name Soulshine.

soulshinecannabis.com | @soulshine_cannabis

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