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The Soap Rosin

from Beezle Extracts

A uniquely funky, cheesy, pine-fruit and mint-gas rosin explosion.

The Beezle team has rapidly earned a reputation for providing some of the best extracts in the Maryland market and the skill of their ability to capture the essence of a flower is truly highlighted by their rendition of The Soap in live rosin form. This sensory masterpiece – born of meticulous manipulations of pressure and delicate olfactory selection – captures The Soap’s unique terpene profile while preserving the succulent aroma every strain hunter searches for. Packed full of an above-average amount of rare terpenes and stacked on each other in uncommon ways, the mindful consumer is sure to do a double take at this profile – so you’re gonna want to bee on the lookout for this rosin. 

Connoisseurs know that caryophyllene dominant profiles are rare, and even more rare if the caryophyllene is uncoupled from myrcene. This alone is something I look for as I search through the ever-growing amount of labels and options at the dispensary. But what’s even more rare are The Soap’s overall characteristics: caryophyllene on top of limonene on top of a substantial bit of humulene and linalool, with a tail-end temper involving pinene, bisabolol and eudesmol is just something I quite frankly haven’t seen before. Over my years evaluating and reviewing Cannabis, you definitely start to notice some common patterns between profiles – but every now and then something totally different pops up and that’s part of the joy that Cannabis continues to bring to our community.

In our case, Beezle brought us this joy by pressing it out and meticulously preserving it so that lovers of rare Cannabis profiles can explore the uniquely funky, cheesy, pine-fruit and mint-gas rosin explosion that is The Soap. Popping the jar immediately opens up a classic, deliciously weird funk that quickly gives way to something of an aged aromatic blackberry goat cheese that’s simmering in Elmer’s glue, with notes of lavender and a minty infusion that brings it all together. So if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the top notch products from the team at Beezle yet, consider cleansing your endocannabinoid system with The Soap for a creamy and funky introduction to their canopy of exquisite Cannabis experiences. 

beezlebrands.com | @beezlebrands_md

This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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