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Top Hat Concentrates’ Gummy Bears

A citrus-berry smash rich in resinous hash flavor and heady effects.

The American hunger for nostalgia reaches a fever pitch when combined with weed, and no strain embodies a throwback, feel good treat like a full spectrum toke of Gummy Bears.

It’s been said that the simple things in life are the sweetest, and since gummy bears are mainly food coloring and sugar, we prefer the scrumptious and smokable version to the overly chewy, second-rate candy. In true journalistic transparency, this writer also hates candy corn and Tootsie Rolls, but if a breeder accepts the challenge, they will be consumed in Cannabis form. Would a candy corn strain taste like disappointment? These are the kind of happy, spacey thoughts that filled my mind after puffing on the delicious Gummy Bears CO2 from Top Hat.

Gummy Bears was bred by Elemental Seeds, combining Trueberry (True OG X Strawberry Banana/Blackberry) with Big Lemon for a citrus berry smash rich in resinous hash flavor and heady effects. Top Hat’s full spectrum extraction captures a range of cannabinoids and terpenes with no added glycols or anything artificial, delivering the purest Cannabis oil with a vibrant, cannabinoid-rich buzz.

First tokes from the green-tipped cartridge are syrupy on the inhale, covering the palate in a berry lemonade flavor full of hashy notes. The clouds of vapor are light on the lungs and exhale easily, warming the chest while sending a rush of euphoria that settles right behind the eyes. The sugary aroma makes it impossible to not take several fat tokes, which quickly lead to heavier effects coating the body like a warm blanket. 

Looking at the test results rich in CBD, CBG and CBC, it’s no surprise that this extraction has unique mind and body effects that are much more pleasant than a simple high THC oil. Within minutes we found our heads floating above a relaxed body, with stress and pain melting away and making room for a content, take on the day or the couch type of attitude.

There’s really no wrong time to eat a gummy bear, and the same can be said for this concentrate in convenient cartridge form. We found the buzz energetic enough for morning use while still being stoney and euphoric, which is a perfect way to end a long summer day that stretches into the midnight sun hours. So have a treat that is naturally calorie free, and let the nostalgia of smoking Gummy Bears fill your lungs and mind with a sunny, summertime buzz.

This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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