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Wagyu Rosin

from Globs

Cold starters will get the full effect of the savory smell as it warms and blooms.

What better choice for the Edibles Issue than this delicious Wagyu rosin from Get Globs. Known for producing quality shatters and live resins, the Globs team premiered this flavor at Lumpy’s California’s Finest competition in November as part of their second round of offerings in this young brand’s new rosin line.

Glob’s Wagyu is a smooth, savory combination of Meatbreath and Gelato 41. What is Meatbreath, you ask? Well, bred by ThugPug, it’s a combination of Meatloaf – a strain that’s hard to get official background details on – and the ever-popular Mendo Breath, which has a lineage that includes Durban Poison, Trainwreck and White Widow.

This cold-cured rosin gives off a fuel and pepper smell that mellows about a minute after opening the jar, but always stays impressively funky. Clocking in at a nice 5.29% terps (an important detail to see listed on the box), it has that semi-greasy sheen like you’d expect to see on good meat, the lightly golden look of steak butter, plus a super gassy smell after you roll some between your fingers.

Cold starters will get the full effect of the savory smell as it warms and blooms. That spicy flavor in the front – and creamy finish – make this rosin a perfect fit to share a name with the most revered variety of Japanese beef. 

True to its name, Meatbreath is known for having a diesel smell and funky taste with notes of dirt and hamburger. While that ground chuck, mineral flavor isn’t as prevalent here, the Gelato in Glob’s Wagyu also doesn’t alter the rich, funky aroma you expect from something named after a $300 steak. Instead, the 41 complements the taste, giving that meatiness a smooth added creaminess on the backend that mellows out the funk and shifts the course of the aftertaste to something far gassier.

Known for being a closer, the effects of this strain kick in pretty fast, making it recommended to people who don’t smoke concentrates as a one-and-done kind of thing. For more regular dabbers, this is a great way to have an end-of-the-night session with your friends before everyone goes their separate way.

Wagyu from Get Globs just dropped at the end of November and can be found in stores from Eureka to Los Angeles. For an extra special treat, pair the flavor with some crunchy, lightly seasoned green beans, set yourself to cook on medium heat, then let rest. 

Testing: Wagyu Rosin Meatbreath (Meatloaf x Mendo Breath) x Gelato 41

CBD: 2.15mg/pkg 

76.9% THC (769mg/pkg)

Total Terpenes: 5.29%

Sum of Cannabinoids: 93.6%(936mg/pkg)

This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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