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Peanut Butter Breath

from Matriarch Premium Cannabis

Starting with bag appeal, this flower looks tasty enough to eat and is covered in frosty crystals!

Frostier than a car window on an early PNW morning, this beautiful purple hued flower is a lip smacker worthy of the name Peanut Butter Breath.

No matter where you sit on actual peanut butter (we’re with Reese’s, not sorry), you’ll want to spread this flower all over your lungs for a stoney treat this winter. Created by ThugPug Genetics, they combined DoSiDos with Gage Green Genetics’ Mendo Breath F2 in a breeding masterpiece that has all the elements of top-shelf Cannabis. Grown by Matriarch Premium Cannabis, this new to Washington brand brings the fire with their presentation of this tasty cut.

Starting with bag appeal, this flower looks tasty enough to eat and is covered in frosty crystals that complement purple tips and a thicket of red hairs. Opening the mylar allows a thick, sour-earthy aroma to ooze into the nostrils, lingering on the palate with a distinctly nutty Kush aroma and a delicate hint of citrus-fuel. Complex and unique, this savory gassy profile heightens upon breaking up the dense and sticky nuggets. Solid bud structure meets a perfect cure that retains a pleasant stickiness – like old school, delicious Cannabis that’s been grown with love from start to finish.

Perfect for slow smoking bowls or thick, resiny blunts, we loaded a fat bowl into our trusty Leaf bong and sat down for a midday snack that was delightfully calorie-free despite the culinary name. 

The Peanut Butter Breath burns smooth and clean, forming white ash as the flower turns to smoke and coats the lungs in a thick layer of stoniness, building from the chest outwards. Sweet and earthy on inhale, the smoke exits with barely a cough – but also lingers with a sour-fuelly-earthiness on the palate as the effects begin lifting the mind higher above the body. After several tokes we felt our breath slow, our heart rate drop, and waves of calming euphoria take hold in a floaty head high that pairs perfectly with a pain free, tingly body.

Sedating, but in a happy way, we found this strain to be stoney and almost overwhelming for daytime use – especially if your plans include more than streaming TV and ordering food for delivery. Carrying the buzz into the evening found us able to shake off the stress of a workday with big hits that wrap the body up in a warm THC blanket, slowing the mind down and allowing for a peaceful and drooly high that is a wonderful way to end the day. But just like the nutty butter this strain is named for, the Peanut Butter Breath can go with any situation or any time that calls for a stoney sesh, no crusts required.

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