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Welcome to the Holidaze

from Oleum

All good moments start with a dab!

Gelato 33 Rocks and Sauce with Dolato Cookies Cold Cured Disposable Pod

The holidaze is officially here and since we’re already sick of pumpkin spice, we decided to dive right into the best part of the season with two terpy Cookie cuts from Oleum Extracts.

November is a weird month between daylight savings and navigating the overly marketed holiday rush (which began when Walmart put out Halloween decorations in August). The pressure to have a perfect experience can be overwhelming, which is why our favorite part of the season is cookies. They can be any type or shape or flavor and they’ll still be eaten with joy, and the same goes for all the yummy Cookies cuts of Cannabis that really get us in the mood to munch. This is where Oleum Extracts does an excellent job – curating delicious concentrate blends just like an artisanal baker, but their job is to get us baked!

All good moments start with a dab, so we hungrily opened the Gelato 33 rocks and sauce. Oleum was the first company to bring THCA diamonds (they call them Wizard Stones) to market in Washington, and this concentrate perfection pairs THCA rocks with high terpene sauce from Gelato 33, which is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Opening a jar reveals chunky, glistening diamonds floating like icebergs in a sea of terpy sauce, which oozes a vanilla-citrus-mint-gas with a touch of earthy-Cookies mixed in. 

Seductively smooth and powerful, we crunched a piece of diamond, dipped it in sauce and dunked it for a low temp dab – one that hits harder than the first Christmas tune on the work radio channel. Effects slow time while amplifying thoughts and energy, delivering a stoney hybrid buzz and a sweet minty flavor that lingers on the palate long after the smooth vapor has left the lungs.

In honor of the holidaze rush and our inability to always have a dab rig ready, we decided to double down on our review and try the new disposable pods from Oleum. Perfect for on-the-go consumption, the pods deliver fat tokes of vapor that satisfy our need for weed. The Dolato Cookies cold cured resin is a beautiful golden color, and this cross of Do-Si-Dos and Gelato #41 has a warming, floral and fruity vapor that kisses the lungs before smacking the mind with sedative effects. Perfect for relieving stress or shopping mall anxiety, this discrete pen is perfect for sneaking in a fat digital dab. But do be cognizant: The loud vapor bursting with Cannabis flavor will let anyone nearby know you’re putting the daze in holidaze, so be prepared to share. 


Gelato 33 Rocks and Sauce
66% THC | 13% Terps
Vanilla, citrus, earthy

Dolato Cookies Pod
80% THC | 6.7%
Floral, fruity

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