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Blood Orange Chews

from Swell Edibles

The mouthfeel is perfect, with a thick bite and a quick juicy melt.

Biting into a Swell fruit chew reminds me of every great Starburst commercial, but where the secret juicy ingredient is actually Cannabis – bringing an after-school snack quality that’s the perfect way to end (or begin infusing) your day.

My favorite Starburst commercial is the one with mini fighter jets shooting extra flavor as someone bites in, with the family dog nabbing one of the fighters mid-juicing. While the TV bits might be made for kids, I bet there are some stoners on the production team who would appreciate an infused chew. And while this might all sound random, it’s exactly the type of nostalgia that this writer felt when sinking their teeth into a delicious blood orange chew from Swell.

The mouthfeel is perfect, with a thick bite and a quick juicy melt, coating the palate in fizzy orange yumminess and summery flavor. They’re not too big, but small enough that you’ll want to eat a few, especially if you enjoy higher edible doses. We found two or three were perfect to deliver a heady buzz, but it was honestly hard not to eat the whole package.

With a ton of flavor options and dosages, Swell really has a candy for every situation. We loved flavors like the slightly sour apple, the tangy and grapey purple punch, and there’s even a mystery flavor box for a surprise edible experience. Each box is labeled as either Hybrid, Indica or Sativa, and with 40:1 high CBD and 1:1 CBD/THC options, you’re guaranteed to have a Swell time no matter what buzz and flavor combination is right for you.

swelledibles.com | @swell_edibles

This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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