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Blueberry & Lemon Sorbet

from Cormorant

An icy-creamy-fruity blast with a THC kick that reminds the palate that each bite adds cannabinoids to the body.

While the saying might be to “scream for ice cream” – the newest infused dessert from Cormorant will have you sighing in delight with each delicious spoonful.

When we first heard about an infused sorbet hitting the market, our Leaf review team had an intense coin flip sesh to see who got the pleasure of writing the review. Luckily for this writer, a fridge full of infused sorbet was waiting to be eaten and mixed into smoothies in a dessert-gone-healthy twist.

Sorbet is the yummy, fruity cousin of ice cream that’s versatile and storable – and in the case with Cormorant, heavily infused. Made by combining fruit purée and fruit juice with flavorful ingredients like blueberries and lemon, sorbet is a healthy treat that’s great any time of day. We blended a scoop into a smoothie, which added an icy-creamy-fruity blast with a THC kick.

Digging into the blueberry flavor delivers sweet, rich berries that melt into the mouth with a hint of dank infusion – reminding the palate that each bite is adding cannabinoids to the body. The lemon is creamy with a sweet, mouth-puckering flavor of tart lemon peels and a hint of vanilla. As the sorbet melts on the palate, repeated bites fill the body with a relaxed and happy high. 

In the end, sweets should be enjoyed whenever the moment feels right … and with a great infusion and tasty flavors, the only screaming about Cormorant Sorbet will come from a stoney brain freeze.

cormorantedibles.com | @cormorantbrands

This article was originally published in the May 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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