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Canna Crispies

from Better Edibles

The more than 18 flavors of Crispies utilize things like Ghirardelli cocoa powder and freeze-dried strawberries.

Embrace the back to school and Halloween sugary snack bonanza with the Canna Crispy lineup for a treat that’s definitely for “mature audiences only.”

Falling back into the rain and routine of winter can take even the most caffeinated adult and turn them as crispy as a week-old Voodoo donut. But being called ‘crispy’ can be both a negative and positive attribute – kind of like being called ‘edgy.’ In the case of these delicious four-sided edibles that definitely remove edginess and replace it with a heavily-stoned buzz, you might still end up a little ‘crispy’ depending on your THC tolerance. Nevertheless, it was with great pleasure that we dove into the adult version of a classic fall treat: the Canna Crispy by Better Edibles.

Better Edibles has been delivering their namesake since 2019 via affordable high-potency treats with authentic ingredients. With over 18 flavors of Crispies utilizing things like Ghirardelli cocoa powder and freeze-dried strawberries, these are anything but basic. We dove into the original Crispy flavor first, savoring the classic taste and texture with a light hint of Cannabis in the finish. Better Edibles uses a proprietary solution of distillate, carrier oils and emulsifiers to add higher bioavailability and a fast onset. The small size of the Crispy is perfect for high tolerance users, giving them a full dose in a small format while saving room for Halloween candy!

Exploring the range of flavors, we loved the real-deal taste of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the peanut butter and chocolate flavor, which also had pre-sliced portions for 10mg servings. The cookies and cream flavor was labeled sativa (fun for daytime edible use) and tasted like real Oreos with a crunch added to the marshmallowy crispy bite. We felt like kids eating the Fruity Pebbles flavor until the buzz hit … a potent reminder that we are definitely adults. 

As the spooky spirit of the season takes hold, don’t be afraid to indulge in the hard-hitting Canna Crispies – their heady buzz will take you sky high and leave you floating like a ghoul just in time for Halloween.  


This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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