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CBD Tincture Blueberry, Cranberry & Honey Chaga Flavors

from Birch Alaska

These small-batch tinctures blend the best Alaskan ingredients with lab-tested, broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Shake off the hibernation blues with a new CBD experience from Birch Alaska, featuring an infused Honey Chaga tincture that will turn even the grumpiest bear into a happy camper.

While I’m sure everyone in Alaska has heard enough bear jokes, I’ve always wondered: If a human eats a ton of THC before venturing out into the woods, does that make a human-edible? I’ve seen the viral news pieces about bears drinking beer, so let’s hope they don’t get a taste for weed, or we’re in trouble! As for us, we were happily surprised by how delicious the new lineup of Birch Alaska tinctures were that we would fight … oh, you get the picture.

CBD therapy is a huge part of finding wellness via Cannabis, with benefits that range from aiding inflammation and pain to anxiety and depression, and even helping to fight cancers and other illnesses. What we love the most about the Birch offerings is the high-potency CBD contained in the thoughtfully-crafted tincture. A good dose of CBD begins between 25-50mg per use – an easy addition to a drink or eaten straight with one or two droppers full – and one bottle will easily last weeks or longer for someone integrating CBD into their wellness routine.

These small-batch tinctures blend the best Alaskan ingredients with lab-tested, broad-spectrum CBD oil for a tasty experience that is 100% natural. Starting with Birch Chaga mushrooms (which grow high on trees and look almost like a blackened lump), these mushrooms are packed full of antioxidants that reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and can help boost your immune system. Combining this science-backed mushroom with wild cranberries, blueberries or honey depending on the flavor, delivers a holistic experience that’s also delicious.

We started with the Honey Chaga tincture, knowing that natural honey itself can have beneficial properties. The tincture is sweet, lightly tart and melts onto the palate easily, with a warming aftertaste that travels to the stomach – passing a glowing happy effect throughout the body. Delicious solo, the tincture is also perfect for a cup of tea or added to oatmeal. The same can be said for the fruity flavors, with the Blueberry Chaga tasting like a ripe berry patch that we drizzled on vanilla ice cream, and the Cranberry Chaga delivering a tart, lip-smacking flavor that adds sour power to iced tea or a smoothie.

The best part about these natural and locally-sourced tinctures is that they are so adaptable to whatever your needs or flavor desires are. And with so many out-of-state CBD companies offering less and charging more, it feels good to feel good by supporting a local brand. With a pet CBD option available now and new infused CBD honey sticks coming to the market, we can’t wait to see what Birch Alaska will bring to the table next.

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This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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