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GOOD Alaska Chocolate Bar Minis

from GOOD Alaska

The minis come in two dosage formats and flavors, giving users a lot of control over their edible high.

Proof that great things come in small packages, the mini chocolate bars from GOOD Alaska deliver consistent dosing in deliciously rich flavor that’s perfect as a daily treat.

Chocolate has been delighting human senses for thousands of years in various forms, from the ancient Aztec cocoa drinks to the somewhat-less-classic Hershey’s bar (at least in historical terms). We love chocolate so much that 7.5 million tons of the dark gold were consumed in 2022 alone. This love affair with cocoa blends perfectly with Cannabis, whose earthy resins and terpenes blend seamlessly with chocolate in an undeniably satisfying union.

Knowing we have a collective sweet tooth, we were ecstatic to hear that GOOD Chocolate Bars were going mini, delivering a perfect bite that packs a heady buzz. The minis come in two dosage formats and flavors, giving users a lot of control over their edible high. We started with the 50mg total packs that contain 50 individual 1mg servings. There is huge demand for micro-dosed products, which help deliver precise amounts of THC one yummy bite at a time. We found the Belgian Dark Chocolate 1mg pieces irresistible – with an earthy and creamy mouthfeel, plus a hint of sour fruit and Cannabis tang teasing the palate after the bite was finished.

Eating them by the handful happens, but where this product shines is allowing for a 2-3mg midday snack or a small end-of-the-day buzz – instead of a 5 o’clock cocktail. Using these minis makes it easy to dial in your dose, especially remembering the edible mantra: You can always eat more, but you can’t uneat it once it’s consumed. These are a perfect option for new users or those with lower tolerances, and with 50 individual servings there’s an unlimited opportunity to create a custom serving size.

For the high-dose stoners out there, the 100mg packages with 10mg pieces are just what the doctor ordered. The small bites allow for dosing up to 100mg without having to eat a large volume of food, and we honestly got to the end of each package still wanting more. The Swiss Milk Chocolate has a soft and creamy melt that smoothly delivers a palate-pleasing tingle, plus a hint of Cannabis that adds depth and character to the high quality chocolate base. Tasty enough to eat uninfused and with a guilt-free size that’s super convenient, the GOOD Chocolate Bar Minis should be at the top of your dispensary shopping list.

Product Info:

Belgian Dark Chocolate 
1mg per piece, 50mg per package

Swiss Milk Chocolate
10mg per piece, 100mg per package

goodalaska.com | @goodakcannabis

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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