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Hi Lite Infused Beverages

from Evergreen Herbal

Hi Lite Cannabis drink from Evergreen Herbal in Washington.

Quarantine and chill is so 2020, and so is the ability to drink away our pandemic blues with alcohol, coffee and milkshakes – which has left the Leaf on a hunt for a spring Cannabis drink that gets us baked in healthful fashion.

Please don’t judge me if your liquid coping diet has been different because there are really no bad decisions as long as they deliver the sweet release of dopamine and a moment of bliss with each sip. Alas, the sugar and booze hangovers are all too real and after a year of struggle, it’s time to embrace a drink with more positive benefits. Here enters Hi Lite infused beverages, just in time to save our bikini bodies for the summer wave of freedom that is coming closer with each vaccinated human.

The first sip of the mango Hi Lite delivered the freshest nectar in a full fruit experience, no cutting required. There’s also nothing artificial tasting in these totally sweet (and sugar-free) drinks, with a light carbonation that sizzles without overwhelming the palate. Evergreen Herbal has been pioneering Cannabis drinks for years, but this might be the crown jewel of drinkable deliciousness. And with 100mg each of THC and CBD, this drink will light you up – from a single serving to the whole bottle, or wherever your self-prescribed COVID coping prescription dials in your buzz for the day.

In all seriousness, the Cannabis market has been lacking in sugar-free options. Nobody wants to consume sugar just to get high, and many people don’t want or can’t have sugar at all – making most edibles out of reach for those with specific dietary needs. We are really excited that these options exist, and with delicious flavors that don’t taste fake or like weed, these are perfect for any occasion that sipping on Cannabis calls for.

With delicious flavors like berry or strawberry lemonade backing up the fruity mango, there is an easily mixable option to brighten up a mock/cocktail, or to splash into some morning orange juice for an extra sweet start to the day. With the full benefit of CBD and THC, plus added antioxidants, Evergreen Herbal has created a healthy Cannabis beverage that tastes naughty – and a worthy buzz to back it all up.

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