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As with Cannabis, Tibetan medicine has stood the test of time and continues to provide medicinal value and breakthroughs

As the world continues to move forward in time, our species is finding new ways to connect to ancient medicines and utilize the wisdom of the past with the science of today to create healing products that blend the best of Eastern and Western medicines.

Humans have been walking the earth for tens of thousands of years. But long before today’s world of drive-thru pharmacies, the art of medicine was performed by healers using natural herbs and remedies – including Cannabis, which has acted as a therapeutic and tool of pleasure and enlightenment for ages, especially in the Himalayas where it was consumed in a sacred drink called bhang. It’s from these ancient roots that Jampha combines Tibetan plant and mineral medicine with CBD and terpenes for “an advanced vibratory expression of plant medicine.”

With a full line of products that help in vital areas from pain to breathing, we decided to sample a range of products to share with our readers. Moving through their tincture lineup, we began with the Focus and Breathe blends. The Focus combines terpenes with CBD to bring energy and clarity, and the Breathe uses terpenes to open airways and respiratory actions – which we loved at the gym and out in nature. Cannabis and terpenes are known as bronchodilators, meaning they relax airways and can help with breathing. While smoking weed for asthma might seem counterproductive, taking a tincture like Breathe is a sure way to stimulate breathwork for better health.

Our next foray into Tibetan wellness was with Turquoise Dragon – featuring a tingly and complex flavor that acts as a broad spectrum antibiotic and antiviral – and should be taken at the first sign of a cold or when stress has the body feeling low. Basically, this tincture brings balance and can help heal chronic health issues. The Etherium Monatomic Gold tincture is infused with loving kindness, Dead Sea Salt and Arkansas Chi Charged Mineral Water, as well as Monatomic Gold Ormus, which has been used for thousands of years to neutralize negativity and strengthen the immune system.

After a long day of healthy living, we found the Sleep tincture to be a perfect way to end the day, along with the pain relief gels that come in Icy Blue or Focus Heat versions. Depending on the type of pain, rubbing either as a topical will relieve muscle pain and soreness. We found the combination of the tincture and the warming gel helped with sleep and back pain, waking up refreshed and ready for a dropper full of Focus to start the day.

As with Cannabis, Tibetan medicine has stood the test of time and continues to provide medicinal value and breakthroughs that don’t come in a pharmaceutical form. We encourage our readers to continue to open their minds and explore alternative forms of plant medicine to live a happier and healthier lifestyle in concert with Cannabis. For a new age twist on ancient medicine, visit jampha.com and check out their huge lineup of infused products that blend thousands of years of knowledge with good vibes, CBD and terpenes. 

jampha.com | @jamphalovingkindness

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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