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With options to deliver specific cannabinoid blends in drinkable and wearable formats, Mobius continues to lead the way.

Continuing a trend of innovation and passion for getting people high without smoking, Mobius has expanded its lineup of tasty drinks with new custom cannabinoid patches that deliver value medicinally – with a wicked body high.

Mobius is well-known for delivering delicious nano-emulsified Cannabis drinks that pack a potent punch, so it’s no surprise that they took home a Leaf Bowl award for the Best Cannabis Beverage in Washington. With 100mg THC and 1:1 THC and CBD options in flavors like Blood Orange, Strawberry and Pineapple, these drinks are perfect on their own or used to make a custom mocktail or cocktail to kick off an edible experience. Tasty enough to drink uninfused, our favorite is the Tropical Punch – hitting like an adult version of a juice box with real flavors of citrus, pineapple and a touch of guava – it’s a tropical vacation in a bottle, even if it’s a rainy spring day here in the PNW.

While their drinks are definitely on the hot list right now, what really has the Leaf review team excited are their new cannabinoid patches. Transdermal patches deliver consistent levels of cannabinoids to the bloodstream and are perfect for those avoiding smoking or the calories that come with edibles. They’re also discrete, easily transportable in a purse or bag, and have been shown to be helpful for a variety of ailments that people use medical Cannabis for.

For most consumers, the idea of a patch might seem different, but the effects and ease of use are undeniably great. The patches come in beautiful mylar bags and look like a bandaid, peeling off with a roll of the finger to be placed on an area like the wrist, back or abdomen. Take it from this writer though: Avoid any area with hair!

Mobius has developed several different options in the patch department and we tried them all. The Dab Patch is 100mg THC that delivers results over eight-plus hours, and is marketed as a way to enhance your dabbing experience. It’s like being high on edibles but without the fog, with a great mental euphoria and chillaxed body high. We also loved the Happy 1:1 patch with 50mg each of THC and CBD, which erased pain and stress while elevating our mood, and the Recovery patch with 50mg CBD and 5mg CBG was wonderful after a long workout at the end of a stressful week. The CBD-only version was non-intoxicating but pleasantly relaxing and imparted a sense of wellbeing, while the Delta 8 version delivered a giggly, fun high that’s perfect for the weekend.

With options to deliver specific cannabinoid blends in drinkable and wearable formats, Mobius continues to lead the way in Washington with products that can fit any lifestyle and need for Cannabis – from a desire for health and wellness, to getting totally ripped with a Dab Patch and Pineapple 100mg drink that’ll light up your next weed adventure.

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This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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