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Nano Mint Breath Spray

from Herban Extracts

One of the best parts about medicating discretely is the act of getting a buzz without anyone knowing.

Introducing the first edible that other people will thank you for using, this innovative and useful new breath spray from Herban Extracts brings a minty buzz that will brighten up your day – and breath!

As a child of the ‘90s, I remember the Mentos Freshmaker commercials, where brightly clothed young adults gathered excitedly around a pack of mints and blasted off into adventure. Alas, Mentos don’t actually get you high, or make you culturally fresh, so we went out in search of the real deal on the Kenai Peninsula. When we heard that the passionate team behind Herban Extracts amazing concentrates and cartridges was working on a new breath spray that delivered a dosed buzz, we knew the chance to relive a ‘90s commercial was close at hand.

One of the best parts about medicating discretely is the act of getting a buzz without anyone knowing. It feels a little naughty, even though there’s nothing wrong with getting a little baked – especially when dealing with the transition into darker days. The first time we pulled out the little bottle of golden liquid and puffed a couple of sprays was right before a series of errands, and it was a glorious experience. The bright minty mist hits the palate and grabs on with a powerful mouthfeel, sending icy chills in a refreshing wave before melting away, leaving the mouth feeling tingly and our breath clean for the foreseeable future – or until we want another puff!

Within a 20 minute period, we began feeling effects, which can be attributed to the unique nano-emulsified tech that creates rapid onset for the THC effects. We applaud the Herban Extracts team for applying science to a unique problem – getting fresh breath with a fresh buzz! With three sprays equaling 5mg of THC, we topped off our breath every hour or so, finding a consistent and comfortable buzz that left our mind and body feeling relaxed and chill, with no anxiety about mask breath. With 50mg total per package and rumors of a larger dose version coming out, we look forward to seeing this product as it evolves into a staple for Alaskan stoners. After all, bad breath sucks – so kill it with a buzz and solve two problems in one!

This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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