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from Canna Country Farms

A wonderful wallop of aromas that entice your senses the moment you open a jar.

One of the things we all love about Cannabis, whether we realize it or not, is its unbelievable variety of expression. How one singular plant species can smell like grapefruit, diesel fuel, lavender, blue cheese, overripe mangoes, peppercorns, you name it – it’s truly magnificent. 

It can be dark green with white hairs, light green with dark red hairs, or in the case of the famed #26 from Canna Country Farms – it can be so deep purple that it’s almost black, with a beautifully contrasting bright aroma of citrus, flower blossoms and candy. 

The #26 is the perfect example of why the dual concepts of genetic diversity and terroir matter in the Cannabis cultivation community. Reggie Weedman bred the #26 with Ted Blair, owner of Canna Country, specifically because its genetic makeup would do well in the temperate, forested coastal climate of Southern Humboldt.

In a world where high THC numbers seem to dominate the spending patterns of people who don’t yet understand the way the cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids of the Cannabis plant interact to create a memorable experience, we at Leaf Magazines bask in the beauty of a flower like the #26. Bred from the mating of a Forbidden Fruit mother with Cherimoya – a cross of Kriz with Black Kriz, named for its aromatic similarity to a Cherimoya blossom – the #26 hits you with a wonderful wallop of aromas that entice your senses the moment you open a jar. Once you’re over the shockingly exotic physicality of the blossoms, you’ll enjoy the energetic yet balanced effects that come from the smooth, mouthwatering smoke. 

This is the type of expression that needs to be protected and savored. It’s a true connoisseur’s flower. 

Canna Country ensures the longevity of each of its sungrown harvests by preserving each branch and kola whole, encased in sugar leaves, only trimming to order in 10-pound batches. On our recent visit, we had the chance to hand-trim and sample flower from the 2021 harvest, and it was as bright, crystal-laden and flavorful as it was last winter. Like Dr. Strange says, “forget everything you think you know” about Cannabis.

Read our profile of Ted Blair and his farm to find out more about how expertise and passion are driving the genetics conversation forward into a future that expands deliciously beyond the numbers-chasing, THC-obsessed landscape we currently inhabit. And keep your eyes out for a fresh batch of sungrown #26, hitting the market this month.  

Located in Humboldt County

Testing: 16.5% Total Cannabinoids

Dominant terpenes: Ocimene | b-Caryophyllene | a-Pinene

This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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