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Almond Mochi

from Channabis, Momma Chan Farms

This delicious flower - a Mochi X Biscotti Dough cross - brought about a calm and content, cerebral high.

Creamy and savory, this dessert-based strain is best served in an overflowing bowl shared with friends, chilling senses in a euphoric indica buzz.

Dessert and family go hand in hand, and this strain brings them together with the best of fall vibes. While we’re hopefully all done with the pumpkin spice nonsense, the Almond Mochi is a delicious blend of orange cream and allspice – featuring a lemon-pepper tang that’s as mouth-watering as it is intriguing.

Family-owned and operated, the Momma Chan farm has been growing pesticide-free, hand-crafted flower for several years in the 502 market – all sold under other brands that they provide third-party buds to. Finally ready to claim credit for the fantastic flower the Channabis family was producing, they launched their own brand to serve their fire strains directly to consumers in Washington.

Digging into a mylar package feels experiential, with segments of the classic Chinese Dragon on the back and a blue water scene on the front. The Gelato 47 washes out of the bag in waves of terps, with deep-green, frosty nugs that are capped with trichomes and red hairs. The trophy-sized buds have a thick feel and density, snapping with a solid crack and releasing a fresh orange-chamomile that’s both invigorating and calming with each inhale.

Feeling the thick and fluffy density, we rolled this flower into a blunt and loaded a snapper bong hit with the extras. The bong toke rushed a droolly cerebral high into the frontal lobes, calming nerves as we finished twisting the joint. Sparking the blunt delivered thick tokes that slowed time down as auditory senses came alive, making sounds more vibrant as colors sharpened and the sense of self slowly went numb. 

After a full sesh, a warming feeling of content centeredness took over the mind and body – undulating in waves like a holiday dragon in a stoney celebration.

Not to end this review in a cliche, but this delicious Almond Mochi will have you breathing fire … even as the chillaxed effects bring a more fall-ish vibe (minus the pumpkin-themed bullshit). 


This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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