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Bacio Oreoz

from K Savage Supply Co

This exceptional Cannabis, absolutely coated in trichomes, packs a sedating punch that often leads to euphoria.

A double-cheek kiss in Italian is known as Bacio, but we want to full-frontal make out with the Bacio Oreoz in a creamy cookies tongue swirler – delighting with a lip-smacking buzz that will have you calling K Savage Supply Co Mi Amor!

I’ve always felt that learning an entire language was too much for most stoners, but if one wants to travel, it’s important to know how to swear, order food, and buy weed in any local language you intend to immerse in. That said, I wouldn’t recommend asking for Bacio Oreoz if you do end up in Italy, because they’ll think you’re saying “Kiss my Cookies” – which may or may not go over well. It’s much better to hit your favorite dispensary and ask, where you’ll be rewarded with a jar of this tantalizing top shelf cross of Oreoz and Bacio Gelato.

Immaculately frosty with glistening trichomes, it’s hard to tell what color the actual bud is because it’s so coated in THC. Each bud is perfectly trimmed and dripping with a healthy coating of red hairs, and the flower pulls apart like sticky dough that leaves fingers tacky when preparing a bowl. The flower oozes creamy, lemon-pepper-gas that tickles the nostrils as it quickly fills a room with warm cookie notes. Smelling good enough to eat, this writer might have licked his fingers before sparking a fat toke in our new @danielleguthrieglass sherlock.

First inhales are exceptionally smooth with a creamy citrus flavor that adds a kiss of peppery cookies on exhale, coating the palate with a tingly sensation as repeated puffs fill lungs. For such a sticky bud, the flower burns cleanly, if a little slow, allowing for a long sesh with each bowl loaded. The effects are cheek flushing, like a warm kiss that starts in the head and melts into the body. Highly sedating while wondrously euphoric, the heavy warmth lingers for hours as the mind and body bask in the glory of the first Bacio Oreoz kiss.

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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