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Baller Candy

from Secret Gardens

Mental energy and a glowy buzz followed – the body perfectly balanced with the mind.

We all want to be ballers, and definitely shot callers. But absent a celebrity lifestyle, the best way to capture such a feeling of lavish excellence is to smoke this unique trihybrid strain.

While diamonds and fresh threads might be what covers a baller on the outside, true ballerness starts on the inside – and there’s no better place to fill up than the lungs. This is where the aptly named Baller Candy from Secret Gardens of Washington comes into play, with beautiful flowers and a unique genetic lineage that combine for spectacular effects. Known as a trihybrid, this strain has both sativa, indica and ruderalis properties – the latter being a rarely used word in today’s commercialized dispensaries.

Ruderalis comes from the root term ruderal, which is used to describe undomesticated, tough plants. One of the three primary families of weed (the others being sativa and indica), ruderalis was first found in Eastern Europe and modern Russia, where the plants propagated in the wild and developed short flowering (budding) cycles. This shortened cycle is known as autoflowering – meaning that the plant will automatically go from a vegetative state to budding in 21-30 days, regardless of light cycle. Sativa and indica strains will only flower if the light cycles are adjusted to a 12-hour light/dark cycle.

While this might sound like grower jargon, the ruderalis genetics produce smaller, stockier plants that grow faster, with unique flavor profiles and lower potency. These rare properties can be extremely valuable when bred into other genetic lines to create hybrids that flower quickly, and have looks and effects that are different from the traditional strains.

Opening a jar of Baller Candy releases a fizzy orange marmalade aroma with a citrus Kush kiss in the background. This jammy flavored flower is almost lighter than air, with a delicate foxtail bud structure and surprising density that delivers a satisfying snap, leaving fingertips sticky. The light green bud is coated in trichomes with red hairs happily poking out, giving the flower a truly beautiful look that is both delicate and seductive. As far as weed looks go, this flower is undoubtedly dripping – and worthy of the name Baller Candy.

Perfectly cured and trimmed, this flower burns in a satisfying smoothness that showcases the love and care for the plants, with a soft smoke that whispers out of the lungs with a sweet and gentle exhale. Effects set in quickly, starting with a body high that feels both familiar and foreign, building from the chest into the head, which feels like it’s floating a few inches higher than normal. 

We found mental energy and a glowy buzz followed, the body perfectly balanced with the mind, resulting in a high that was the best of both indica and sativa – plus a special factor from the ruderalis family dating back thousands of years to when the ancients smoked wild weed. From the wilds to the weed store, Baller Candy highlights the history of Cannabis and is ready to put some swagger in your next sesh.

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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