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Biscotti Pancakes

from New School Cannabis

That classic Gelato we all know and love is still center stage in the taste, but with a twist of hazelnut and chocolate.

The wake and bake is a classic for a reason. This sleepy stoner ritual is rumored to be popularized by Grateful Dead fans back in the 1960s, and here at Leaf HQ, we always start our mornings with a strong cup of coffee and some Cannabis. 

This Biscotti Pancakes felt like just the right fit for a first-smoke-of-the-day sesh as we put together the Flower Issue. Cultivated by New School Cannabis, a new brand on the block in the Washington scene powered by Artizen and focused on exotic genetics, she’s a cross of Gelato #25 x South Florida OG. 

Opening the jar and getting smacked in the nose with a sweet, syrupy smell that is straight Gelato, this strain had us craving our favorite fluffy breakfast food. Frosty and resinous, our fingers got sticky as hell (another ode to syrup) as we broke up the buds for rolling. 

That classic Gelato terp we all know and love is still center stage in the taste, but with a twist of hazelnut and chocolate on the finish. Surprisingly subtle notes of sour lemon and black pepper creep up on the exhale from the South Florida OG – a cross of Chemdog x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush). This gives the strain a complex, cookie-flavored profile that’s sweet and fruity while also earthy and spicy. It’s like a bite of nutty lemon shortbread. 

We recommend rolling up some Biscotti Pancakes while you sip on a creamy cup of joe and get your mind right for the day ahead. This strain is indica dominant, but didn’t cause heavy couchlock – instead, we experienced a more euphoric effect that can really go either way. While we took a few tokes to get centered before crushing a busy workday, Biscotti Pancakes pairs just as well with a slow Saturday morning (with some cartoons and a stack of flapjacks, of course).

artizencannabis.com | @newschoolcannabis

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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