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Black Cherry Punch

from Sacred

Terps blast out of the bag, coating the senses in an effervescent and fruity rush.

Enjoy your dessert first this 4/20 with the Black Cherry Punch – a sweet purple treat that stuns senses with a stoney high and dazzling good looks that’ll have you dancing to your own beat with each fruity bowl.

We love flavors that invoke memories of soda fountains and classic pop music, transporting the mind and body to happy times with each toke of delicious Cannabis. Created as a cross between Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch, the strain has kept the sweetness of the Punch while adding the powerful indica buzz of the Cherry Pie, resulting in a cross that delivers top shelf flavors and effects. Grown with love by Sacred – a family-owned and operated small-batch Tier I producer in Port Townsend – the flower showcases the attention to detail and care for the plant that can only come from a craft scale operation.

Peeling open a bag of Black Cherry Punch is like opening a shaken can of cherry soda, spraying fizzy terps that blast out of the bag, coating the senses in an effervescent and fruity rush that smells like a freshly poured fizzy drink. Deep and rich, grapes and red berries melt into a creamy funk that tantalizes taste buds as the perfectly cured flower is broken up for smoking, coating the fingers in a slightly sticky layer of trichomes. This strain smells good enough to lick the fingers and the empty bag, but the real pleasure comes from ripping into a fat bowl of the frosty purple buds.

First tokes deliver a soft and luscious smoke that dances in the lungs before exhaling with a syrupy-sweet berry frosting flavor that lingers on the palate, delighting the senses before sending effects rushing to the mind and body. The smoke refreshes like sips of a drink on a hot day, with repeated tokes building a tidal wave of stoniness that engulfs the entire self – slowing time and enhancing sensations in a wondrous indica high. Truly the best of both parent strains, the Black Cherry Punch by Sacred is a ‘one-bowl wonder’ that makes everything better … even a ‘90s Spotify playlist with the other type of one-hit wonders.

sacredcannabisculture.com | @sacredcannaculture

This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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