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Black Lemon Glue

from Denali Dispensaries

The bright green, frosty nugs have a thick density to them – seemingly held together by a terpy trichome adhesive.

Head to the store for a honey-do list trifecta – with black pepper, lemons and glue to keep the mind fogged and the body sedated with this tasty and powerful strain of the month.

Remember in movies when the star suddenly loses their power to speak? Like in “The Matrix” where Neo’s mouth disappears and everything gets all mushy and psychedelic – that’s the hardcore Glue power that this strain carries. The bright green, frosty nugs have a thick density to them, seemingly held together by a terpy trichome adhesive that reeks from the center of the buds, filling the mind and room with a loud funk that calls stoners like a dinner bell.

First notes of this pungent pot are rich, with bright citrus crashing into a peppery soy sauce that’s full of floaters of minced garlic. Oddly satisfying in a weird umami way, breaking open a sticky nug adds a layer of THC to fingers and a thicker flavor of Gorilla Glue, with a raw-funky-gas that lights up the senses.

Ripping into a bowl delivers a sweet and smooth smoke with strong, peppery glue notes. The flower burns easily and is soft on the lungs, leaving an herbal and gassy flavor on the palate with each exhale. Effects start in the mind as thoughts slow down and energy hits a standstill – as if a bucket of glue was poured slowly over the head to drip onto the body, slowing down actions and time as a warm and fuzzy euphoria takes over. 

Wondrously stoney and great for relieving pain, tension or anxiety, this is a go-to strain for chillaxing on a day off or recovering from summer adventures on the couch. Find this tasty Black Lemon Glue and other in-house grown strains at Denali Dispensaries to start – or finish – your next stoney trip.


This article was originally published in the July 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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