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Blueberry Gelato with Grapes and Cream

from Tangled Roots

The Tangled Roots label seeks to lend a physical presence to the camaraderie felt by small-plot farmers.

Adventuring through the Emerald Triangle, meeting with legacy farmers and boutique producers among the Redwoods, one senses the mingling tendrils of a decades-old community ecosystem, its traditions, its connections, its alliances.

The Tangled Roots label seeks to lend a physical presence to the camaraderie felt by small-plot farmers facing the reality of a swiftly expanding mega-industry. Created and curated by Humboldt farmers John Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms and Jason Gellman of Ridgeline Farms, the Tangled Roots label unites two strains from two independent, small farms in the same jar, separated by a labeled divider. 

For the Harvest Issue, we had the chance to preview the upcoming release featuring flower from Nik Erickson and his crew at Full Moon Farms, and Tina Gordon’s Moon Made Farms.

Full Moon Farms

Blueberry Gelato

Nearly half a decade ago, Nik Erickson and his team took a number of batches of beans from Humboldt Seed Company to run a pheno hunt. Out of everything, this particular pheno of Humboldt Seed’s Blueberry Muffin crossed with Gelato 41 from Happy Dreams Genetics, stood out among the pack.

“We pheno hunted it over the last few years in different varying microclimates to find our winner,” Erickson said. As of right now, this BBxGelato is a house exclusive cut for Full Moon. 

Strong, chunky calyxes protrude from the nugs like stubby, frosty, orange-haired thumbs. Vibrant fruit with earthy vegetal notes carry through to the palate, as you find yourself awash in a brain-cradling, euphoric relaxation. 

Moon Made Farms

Grapes and Cream

This substantial strain, with its impressively frosty, bright green, sticky nugs, came to Tina Gordon’s capable Moon Made team via Phinest. A cross between Grape Pie and Cookies and Cream, Gordon sees this strain as proof that traditionally indoor strains can thrive and produce unbelievable flowers under the big light in the sky. 

Notes of pastry dough, fruit, pepper and petrichor mingle with the namesake grape overtones. Roll this up and take a couple of cold draws before sparking to appreciate the fresh complexity – then get ready for heavy relaxation to loosen the muscles at the end of the day. 

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of California Leaf.

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